Futuristic Room

i like create a room with less detail accessories, like TV, Table, Stereo system, speakers etc… are less detail one. i try to update this post often.

Please tell your suggestion about this room.

I like the concept of the futuristic room, but this one lacks the amount of objects that is usually inside such a render.You need chairs or a table or some other objects. Pretend like this is your house, what would you have? Not just lights, a radio and a unidentifiable chair. Sorry if this sounds mean. I love the materials and lighting. Just add more to the scene and it could be great!

@ fulloutstudios, Thanks for your comment sure i add more object in this room. currently not have GPU only work with my CPU, but i hope complete this project with just only CPU.

my next attempt is night scene of this room

Just 300 Passes.

Small update of this room

Comments and Critique are welcome.

Next Update

Those objects really fill up the scene and make it look nice! I use only CPU also so i know it sucks. I suggest a new angle where you are looking from the kitchen so the scene looks full. Show another room, or zoom out and add more objects. Looking great so far!

here is the next update

Cycles 300 Passes

Comments and Critique are welcome.

next update
Cycles 300 Passes

I get what youre trying to do with the counch material but right now it just looks cartoony

I am liking the idea of futuristic room but I will have to go against the red colour… at least to its intensity. The scene currently reminds me more of a F1 Ferrari pit stop garage than a sitting room. Red is a difficult colour to use in living spaces as it is considered “eye fatigue” responsible. The whole scene has a very nice start to it though and would love to see you progress on it. Also pay a bit more attention to lighting the left side is overexposed in comparison to the rest of the room withouut making obvious what the source of light is :slight_smile:

Thanks SDSJap & Artistic for you comments.

@ SDSJap
not going to place cough there, just to fill the room with object i roughly created that cough.

@ Artistic
Yes i agree red is difficult to see in living room. But the concept of this project to create the simple objects with glass,Shiny materials. Playing around with many colors i satisfied with this Red color.
Not have GPU working only with CPU so i set the lamp emission to high, to see the result of materials from rendering long time. i fix that in final render.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Here is the next update.
Cycles 200 Passes