futuristic soldier (first character)

well, here is my attempt at a futuristic solder (thanks to Fredrik Hultqvist for allowing me to use the concept you can check out his website at www.artbyfh.org)

any constructive criticism is always appreciated.

also, being my first humanoid let alone character please be gentle http://forums.cgsociety.org/images/smilies/smile.gif


Not a lot of crits here ( only because I am not a good human modeler myself). Maybe to make him look a little better you might want to add some muscles. You know make him look like a soldier! The abs could use some work but they aren’t bad. But this is really good for your first time! Keep it up!

try sculpting muscles into his arm. If it is scifi, don’t worry about being anatomically realistic.

It’s cool - I’m sure it’s get in the classic’s section once you’ve textured it!

ok, long time between updates for something this small.

about the chest and abs, they look that way because thats what the concept looks like, from what i see in the concept it looks like he has armor plates in his front part of his vest and on the back, so they aren’t supposed to be his abs showing through a really tight shirt, or something of the sort. hope that clears some things up.

ok lets get down to this update.

i completely redid the arm, i purposely didn’t duplicate it to the other side yet so that it would be easier to see the difference. i widened the lower part of the torso a bit. added some wire frames of the arms, i would have done the other parts, but i didn’t feel it was necessary because I’m fairly happy with them, and i just added some orthographic views.