Futuristic Space Shuttle!

Hey all, this is an initial poster design for a poster contest I’m in. Its a FATTY contest for a simple reason: 25k grand prize.

The contest is for incoming freshman to Art Institute, which includes me. I’m in HIGH need of a scholarship, and this one could pay around a third of my tuition. however, even if I get 2nd, 3rd, or even 10th place in international, I’ll still get a good prize. They’re quite lucrative.

Anyways, I’m in dire need of a high-res pic to go in the place of my simple kid mesh. The theme is “Art Leads to Innovation”, and my poster is trying to convey that message. The kid should be holding up a paper with a rocketship drawn in crayons, like its lifting off. In simple terms, drawing rocketships as a child inspires this kid to grow up to design space shuttles. Art Leads to Innovation. Spiffy, eh? Its one of the best analogies I came up with with the help of a friend.

So yeah, if you have a kid at your disposal and a decent digital camera, help! (I want as many pictures as I can to work with.)

Good constructive criticism is welcome, of course. This is only a work in progress, and I have yet to add more and balance out the picture.


Yes yes, I’ll work on getting a smoke effect in 3D.

Not bad. I like the concept of a new space shuttle (we need one… badly)… and as the poster is for kids I’m going to ignore the cartoony look of it.

Good luck with your project.

Haha, kid is a placeholder. Getting friend to take picture for me!

Anyways, here’s an update on my latest render, though it has a lot of photoshop editing: