Futuristic Stereo

Here it is C&C welcome



I can’t see the PIC.

try now


Stereo pic on homepage is OK though…

Freewebs doesn’t allow hot-linking. Put it on an html page or cut 'n paste:

i exceeded my limit for the day on my ripway page so just go to the link in the first post. my first attempt at posting the image was on ripway, public access was blocked to it.

Nice modelling.

But could do with some better textures though. Ie. The wood on the front panel.

its not wood its a patterned metal thingy :-?

I like the wires on the botom left and bottom right corners of the left and right speakers. thats sweet. :smiley:

lol thats my initials JH :wink:

oh lol… smacks himself on the forehead

I think its interesting, The modeling is good, but I think the texturing is lazy. All the things I would change are personal preferences. Knowing that here I go.

I really dig the trim around the speakers, and I really like the shape of the legs as well. I think it would have been nice to see the curves of the legs carried through to the speakers and reciever. If it were up to me, I would change the purple thing up there (antenna?) to a different texture, and I’d fix the textures on the nobs to match the color of the rest of the stereo.

i agree i might post an update when i have time to render it. 1 hour 10 mins (AO and Raytracing)

Its an intresting design, I think that the texturing needs to be better, asspecialy the wood texture.

Other then the textures, the modeling is good :slight_smile:


PS: I hope it doesn’t fall, it looks a bit unstable :stuck_out_tongue: