Futuristic submarine

Once again I got a huge motivation to model something and made a cool submarine from scratch in a day. I had no references so I improvised everything. I think the model is mostly finished already but I need to make a good environment for it, too. The materials are good?


The images were rendered with YafRay. GI + one sun lamp, bigger ones 10 minutes and smaller one 5 minutes. Please comment! :wink:

that is really nice, maybe add some textures now, then it will look loads better.

I added some decals and changed the renderer to Blender internal.
http://img201.imagevenue.com/loc341/th_97567_sukellusvene_decals_122_341lo.jpg http://img151.imagevenue.com/loc1150/th_97572_sukellusvene_decals2_122_1150lo.jpg http://img174.imagevenue.com/loc60/th_97953_sukellusvene_decals3_123_60lo.jpg
These rendered in less than 3 minutes.

Comments? :slight_smile:

i cant help but tinking that it looks like personal shuttle.

as i said before, nice work!

woah!!! nice man, i cant see anything wrong.

One thing that must be done is an increase in Blender Ambient Occlusion Samples, sometime before the end of the project. If they were kept low for a faster render time for a WIP preview, that makes sense. Otherwire, very good.