Futuristic Truck


I decided to do some hard surface studies lately and here are the result in solid colors so far. Later I plan to textures in SSP. Any sugestions are welcome :slight_smile:


Look forward to seeing it with proper lighting/materials. The mesh is very clean

nice design…see you have generator, pass-thru ammunition door, entrance door, ventilation with cover… hook on rear is too small for this size vehicle.

would be great on sketchfab to see more. keep it up… look forward to seeing more from you.

Thanks. What part do you mean exactly? you mean here?

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amazing !!!

It looks very detailed.

That would be the latch for the entrance door that you marked. You are pretty close to some military vehicles I spent a decade working manuals for.

11 o’clock from your mark I see as a generator. And to the left of that appears to be a “pass thru” for ammunition. This is standard for us support vehicles using large ammunition. That I worked on.

One o’clock from you mark looks like the cover of a ventilator fan. Not sure how ballistic resistant this might be, nothing I remember from vehicles I worked.

Most all of these openings would not be exterior openings… usually flat to vehicle openings for blast effects it may encounter. Think of anything that is not flat on a vehicle when a mine explodes and the force of that. It would tear open doors like these. Think… supersonic air, dirt and dust and rocks in an explosion.

An IED made from a large round could toss a vehicle like this into the air.

Fire extinguishers may or may not be on outside. Trying to remember ever seeing them on outside of any vehicles I worked on.

Asked about 3D view to see how you handled the full vehicle.

The vendors are interesting, not sure how they might work… still thinking.

Tires are totally out of size for treads of most wheeled military vehicles. Not that I am complaining, they look great.

What is interesting to me is the area to the left of where you have shown here. It seems to be the control room, operator.

Vehicles I worked on had a tunnel to the operator area only accessible there or thru hatch.

I know you are not designing a military weapon from experience… I just admire your choice of making decisions.

Keep up with how you work… your designs are really nice, clean and aggressively designed well.

Maybe look at the older Paladin armored vehicle and the M992 Field Artillery Ammunition Support Vehicle USA stuff.

M992 Field Artillery Ammunition Support Vehicle

This ammunition vehicle has no turret, but has a taller superstructure to store 95 rounds with a corresponding n…

Best always,



Thank you for all technical data. Honestly, this is not my design but I do 3d modelling based on someone concept art. I guess the author of concept same as me are not familiar with military machinery. The reason I didn’t show whole car in here was that I didn’t finish rear side, roof or I did not applied all modifiers like mirrror.
I had a look on M992 and decided to add rear door, lights and hooks plus vents on top but I don’t want to go super realistic because I don’t do proper machinery design you can manufacture but just an artwork. I have done this mistake with realism before. I had a nice concept in my mind and then decided to make everything as realistic as possible and then after spending lots of time on it I had poor results.


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looks great.

You are doing just fine… friend. I listen to what you say and I’ve been there not feeling I know what I need to know. Art work is a fluid design with all the intentions you may have in your mind, don’t worry about if it is the real thing?

I never designed military vehicles, I was just there watching it all happen in front of me working line art of it from 3D CAD models and listening to military advisers tell stories.

What I outlined before was only to help you know some of what the vehicles are. Entrance and munitions door are important for a vehicle that takes on ammunition.

The vehicles are not symmetrical… loader door and entrance may be on one side with generator hatch on another.

It might be good for you to put in a human reference. Nothing fancy, makehuman just to get the scale. Then look on line for images of soldiers next to vehicles. After that… it would be interesting to consider how they fit inside.

None of what I am saying is really important, you are making some good stuff. Best advise is to hang close to games with military vehicles and see what they do. Rig what you have and try to think out just what this vehicle is Open and close the doors with humans around and dig into trying to understand what it’s like. I know you can never and I would not want to ever be in combat either. Just push you imagination at times.

Then… kept doing what you are doing, because you made a very good start already.

Sorry if I ramble… don’t mean to add confusion. In all the work I had on these vehicles, I never attempted to model a military vehicle and that is why I admire your work attempts. Kept it up.

On the M992… a human has to crawl in the vehicle. On the paladen, there is a small tunnel to the driver’s seat and you have to crawl into that. This is what humans have to do to operate these vehicles. And I will always be amazed at their efforts. Only trying to give you a tiny bit of perspective. Ramblings of an old man late in the night.

best to you always… keep up the good work,


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Thanks for a kind words. Even if you are not vehicles designer you seems to have very good knowledge about it especially in 3d space what is always welcome. Believe or not but my truck is 100% symmetrical apart form 2-3 objects an obviously would be completely useless on battlefield :slight_smile: In fact the concept art has human characters on it to show the scale of the vehicle. I ignored that and removed a guy with machine gun at the top and instead installed there automatic firearm, also there was another guy standing next to a vehicle and this one I am going to show, so everyone can have an idea how big the truck is.

Thanks…the guy helps, others would help too. That is massive wheeled vehicle. Wide tires …maybe desert scene? Keep it up…nice work. Just thought, color is European Theater, tan would be desert. I like your color.

model I purchased on turbosquid I think. This may have been blender 2.49 I was on it for so long, but think it was 1.5 to 1.6 generation. Not with tires, but worked on some of them too. Good fun and after long days of illustrating on computer. My textures et all lighting and such.

Looking forward to see more from you, thanks for rekindling my days in some of this.


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Small update, working on textures in SSP but that’s very early stage.


Next stage still in SSP.


I wonder if someone here have an experience with Blender and Substance Painter?

I am trying to texture it in Blender now. I have 2 different setups but both of them give me rubbish results like below. Normals and Roughness make weird thing with my exported maps. Everything is displayed in different colours and don’t know what is going on.

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"First of all, it looks cool." :smiley:

But it’s also interesting to read how “the design holds up well” when critiqued by someone who has military-vehicle experience. To my thoroughly untrained eye, the design does appear believable. I love to lean my head close to the computer screen and admire a rich tapestry of detail. Which this model has in spades. :+1:

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Thanks for kind words :slight_smile: I am happy you believe in my truck I am starting to believe it too :slight_smile:

Almost done.