Futuristic Vehicle

Alright, I know its been a few months since this was in the WIP section, but I thought I’d finally post it up here for viewing. I thought about placing it in a scene for a long time, and decided against it in the end. Since it’s fairly detailed I’ll post a few different views. Here’s the WIP thread:
Its all modeled and rendered in Blender. If you have a good eye, you’ll notice a few differences between images. This is because they were rendered at different times as I changed little things. All materials are procedural. Enjoy :slight_smile:

SWEAT HEAVENS! I think ive seen some WIP of this, but holy crap!!! Damn good modeling Crititrozoz. I wish i was as good as you in blender. 6* no doubt.

You spen tiiiiiiiiiiiiime on this, and every second you worked on it payed off.

Well done it looks georgous.

Simply genius!!! Unbelievable detail!!!

Normally I don’t post on this thread but WOW very very well done *****

Also I went and looked at some of the other things you are doing also very good stuff keep it up. Are you still making a mmo if so Multiverse is a great way to go as they only charge you if you make money 10% of gross.

Holy [email protected]#$.

Thanks everyone for the positive comments.
matro: Yes I’m still making an mmorpg, but I’m in a group and we’ve been developing it for a little while now.

These are one of those “works” that makes me want to quit Blending… :S
Amazing stuff… absolutely amazing.

ugh…first work i’ve seen in awhile that i don’t have to crit on…
damn you…now i have to scroll up,click vote, and click 5.

excellent work.

Absolutely amazing :eek:!
The amount of detail is crazy, the only thing I can think to crit is that the front is a bit plain compared to the rest, but man, the rest makes up for it x10!
Great job!

wow. I wish I understood how to do this.

AWESOME job man. :slight_smile:

OH WOW! not only is this screaming out gallery, but if there is any way, this could be the next banner

I don’t know what it is but I know I want it in my garage. Nice work

all i can say is great job

Amazing Crititrozoz! How did you start the model? How many polygons in the entire thing? I’ll call Toyota now and see if they’re interested
in making me one… :evilgrin:

Thanks again everyone.
otto riis: Yeah, i was planning on adding detail to the rest too, but didn’t felt it was time to move on as other things we’re coming to my mind.
Sergeant_Oreo: I edited the first post, there’s now a link to the WIP thread where you can see it as it progressed. As for polygons its just barely under 3 million.

That is some freaking sweet tech you’ve got going there! I especially love the view where you said you changed the nodes a bit. I actually think that leaving out the scene but giving dof on this was a pretty strong choice. It really gives an extra measure of focus to the subject. /edit-> answered the poly question, lol <- edit/ Looks pretty extensive, but pretty clean too.

I’m not trying to rain on the parade, but here’s a couple of crits…
As mentioned, front is a bit plain, maybe more cut-outs? but it does have that old 50’s cab feel that really is pretty cool. Not too sure how to fix, just telling you my initial responses.

The tubes on very front seem a bit out of place (or even too simple/few) considering the nature of the rest of the vehicle. You did a good job with the curves there, but I don’t think the relaxed/cartoony quality that they seem to have necessarily compliments the rest. That, and the one severed tube on the left of the model seems like it may be out of place, that is, without a scene lending some understanding as to why it is broken.

And last, the arbitrary variations in the frame on the engines just doesn’t keep up with the precision of the engines it surrounds. If you were worried about it looking too simple, I don’t think that it would be. As it is it looks like battle damage, but that which has been buffed and painted over.

Man this thing is awsome, and it would be insulting to say it has ‘potential’ as it is pretty much maxed out. I can’t quit looking at it, kinda want to take it for a spin :wink:
Again, I hope the crits find you well.
4.5* (round up)

5 stars :spin:


Style-wise it makes me think of beautification of the red chrome neo-retro-retro-neo-futuretech look that they have in x-com 3… I wanna ride that in UT, forget this drab milspec stuff …!

Absolutely wicked! Incredible attention to detail, which just makes it look awesome. The materials rock, but it’s the modelling that really boosts this to 5 stars (at least).

Perfect! Keep it up, you’ve got skills.