Futuristic Vehicle

DAMN!!! How many hands and eyes do you have?

Very good, very very, good.

I dont know how you did it…but keep on doing it!!!
God bless you

was it u alone working on that or 20 other people???


I hardly say this, but thats actually 5*.

very nice

The front is very unappealing. Really destroys the look. Other than that it’s very nice.

Dmancrosse: Thanks for the critic man! As for the dents in the engine covers, those were part of the original sketch i did where I had planned it to have some battle damage. I guess it is like it got a re-painting job done.
bigbad: Dude you gotta give me more than that :). Is it just the shape or something else that you don’t like so much.
Thanks for the comments and critics everyone!

This is the best modeling i’ve ever seen!!! 5 stars!!!

I bet that goes fast, huh?

Thanks again guys. I don’t think I’ll be doing a tutorial any time soon sadly. It would be fun, but I’m pretty swamped here. :frowning:

MY GOD MAN! how many hours did u put into that? very well done. i especially like all the glass parts and wires, and the coulor is good as well.

Fantastic work. Nothing else to add.

Holy! Freakin! Something!
Crititrozoz, you have some amazing skills. Keep it up. :smiley:

Although hesitant to become part of the circle-jerk this thread has become, I have to say it does show excellent commitment. Good work.

No crits, only one thing:
Do a leather seat, it will look way more awsome.

Perfect! keep on doing buddy

WOW! jaw drops
OK, this needs to be the screen splash for the next release! This is the kind of thing I need to see every time I start up Blender, to remind me of the possibilities, and motivate myself towards mastery.
The third view is my favorite.

Modeling aside, the design itself is refreshingly creative. All the detail in the world wouldn’t help if it were a generic rocket ship or something, but this is spot-on, both with conception and execution.

A few questions:
How long have you been a Blenderist?
How long did this take you?
Will you please give us a tutorial?

The only possible crit I can muster: Is this part of the geometry intentional? Looks kind of random. (See attached graphic)

Conclusion: 10 Stars! (Moderators, please hack the forums to allow 10 stars for this good man!)
Go over to some of the Maya, Max, etc. forums and post this for anyone underestimating Blender!

standing ovation

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Wow! this is one of the best models I’ve seen. Looks like gallery material to me.
5 stars

Haha thanks again.
Quantum Anomaly: Thanks so much for the big post! To answer your questions I’ve been using blender for 6 years now, and using it alot :). This project took me roughly a month to complete. Regarding a tutorial, I’m pretty busy right now, but if you gave me a few different focused topics for a tutorial I may be able to help you. Again, the indents on the engine casing are to give the effect of it being worn down at some time but then repainted. So there’s a bit of history to it ;). The engine casing was one of the only parts I drew before hand when thinking of the design and that was how I designed it. It was also to give me practice with modeling such shapes.

Glad you all liked it again.

It started with a random greeble but as it grew it all somehow made sense, i still can’t figure out how you went form the “random greeble” part to the “model that somehow makes sense”, and thats with me studying your WIP.

I usially end up with a very large but useless greeble. I’ve tried to make thigns this way but the only times i found i had success was when i knew what i was making from the beginning or when i had soem refrence.

Lol, well it’s probably my past experience with LEGO :). I’ve often tried planning things out, and sometimes I have success in my final result, but I often just start building and when It starts to look like something I begin aiming in that direction. Sometimes I have a false start with that and to back to when I last liked it the most. I don’t know if that helps at all. Hopefully it does a bit. Usually it just comes to me.