Futuristic warrior - pure modeling

Okay, just so you guys know, I’m making this for a game. I’m trying to make it reasonably low-poly.
Someone may recognise, it’s a Guardian from Warhammer 40,000. I’m working on a 40k FPS at the moment, using 3d GameStudio. Anybody else here know about that?

Anyway, here are some preliminary shots.
EDIT: Fixed this image, it seemed to be broken…
This is the torso, complete with funny backpack thing. I tried to do the backpack a while ago, but really screwed it up. Coming back to it recently, I mastered it first time (if I do say so myself :p).
Here’s a more recent shot, showing the lower torso pretty much finished. I deleted the legs, 'cause they were just extruded cylenders and had no detail. I’ll be redoing them next, then the arms last.

Oh… Looks very neat :D… keep it up dude :smiley:

Glad you like it. :wink:
Was the first picture working for you? It didn’t show up for me in Netscape or IE, so I re-uploaded it.

Looks good =)

EDIT; Is there a site for the game you’re making? ^^

looks very true to the real elder guardians, lol i collect orks but if i chose another race it would have been elder. good modelling.

Here are the legs. I’m modeling armour plates first, then I’ll fill them in. I’m not even counting polys by this point, so this will probably be the ultimate-high-detail LOD version :stuck_out_tongue:

The legs are all but finished. Could use a few poly reductions here and there, but that’s last, of course. Next up are the arms. I really don’t want to do the feet, they’re hard…:o

Sandrew: There’s no real site, but there’s a thread on another forum where this whole project started. I post there under the same name.