Futuristic Weapon

Hey again guys! Been inactive couple o’ months now, but I felt like its time to start blenderin’ again!

I made this from a scetch I made (even though its note quite like the scratch)

This is first version, tell me what you think!
(Oh yea, the trigger and triggercase is not filled in yet)


Nice design,how many polys?(and please get rid of the Blue Backdrop of Death,it can burn brains:p)

looks very good.
You should increase render quality though:

- AO (always^^)

  • Decrease specularity
  • maybe UV textures

U should also consider changing the scope from




This is better for the soldier to use, as your head will me close to this piece.

Anyway, great model and idea :yes:

forgot something: always use a different background color (the default blue is ugly), gradient is usually good.

As an artist with hands-on military experience, I thought I’d share some thoughts on the concept (rather than the implementation). First off, I think you should approach your concepts as if you were going to really use the item yourself - more of an industrial design approach. Based on that approach, here’s my criticism:

  1. It’s a long, front heavy weapon, making it only suitable for use on a bipod. It would be very hard to hold this weapon on target
  2. The shoulder stock looks like it’s for a hunting rifle (is this a sniper’s rifle?)
  3. The cooling ridges are too close to where the trigger area, making it look like I would burn my had using the weapon. What do they cool?
  4. How do I carry the weapon? Deploy the weapon?
  5. The red light on the optics thingy looks interesting, but doesn’t imply any real function other than saying “shoot here”
  6. The barrel has flash suppression, but this rifle doesn’t look like it uses bullets or has that kind of recoil

I think you should take a fresh look at the concept and also consider modularity as a core feature to built out the rest of the rifle on. This is where starting a number of sketches would strengthen the modeling considerably. Also, starting with real life reference would be very useful in getting to “believability” (I don’t mean copying real life designs, but learning from them).

pretty cool. I’d like to see a chrome version.

@ clewer

Im gonna be honest, I dont know how to check the poly-count. (:

@ meemio

That was actually the original design until I was like “I wonder if this looks cooler…” but I will change it :slight_smile: Didn’t look that cool the other way anyways.

@ nxain

Thanks for the advice!
Yes it is actually a Sniper Rifle, and I may add bipods later on. I will make major changes on the model over time, and I’ll keep your tips in mind :slight_smile:

To all the comments about the texture - its only temporary, so don’t worry, I’ll fix em :wink:

Woah epic. Put the sword on white blue really give every 1 a headache :stuck_out_tongue: Looks quite cool. Its like one of em gun swords. :D. One thing which you MAY consider thinking about it make the hand more…blade like…I think it will make it look much better :slight_smile:

Seach, to read the polycount, go to Editmode and read the top header, right after the coloured bar with the blender symbol.
There you see Ve: (Vertices) Ed: (Edges) and Fa: (Faces) of your model :slight_smile:

Its not a bladesword, its just a gun :wink:


Model updated
Added lights
Fixed textures

The lights with the total black texture looked like extreme overkill, so changed the color inte a little lighter color, and whoala (still, maybe slight overkill)


DAMMIT! Ok I failed :frowning:

Stock is too long, unless its to be used by Mr. Fantastic. Also reduce the length of the barrel.


Updated model (made it alot shorter for one thing)
Fixed some textures


The stock is a bit too long, take an ordinary rifle for reference (human anatomy is propably not going to change in the future:p) The barrel length is however a matter of taste, a long range rifle will propably have a longer barrel for better ballistics/laser amplification, while a short range rifle will have the shortest practical barrel length for better mobility/portability.
I think that overall it’s a quite nice design, but the partial handguard looks a bit impractical…

Edit: stock looks better now

Even shorter? :o I though it was tiny as hell now, using a real rifle as referance.

And its a sniper rifle, so the barrel is supposed to be pretty long.

Here’s a link to one of the newer .50cal sniper rifles.


It’s a bullpup design that allows the rifle to stay on target for several shots and reduces weight.

The XM8 is still alive and kicking too, though I’m not sure what the current configuration is being tested.

Minor update and new shot angle


I like the semi-polygonal look, although some details, like the pistol grip, should propably be more rounded. Since it’s a long range weapon, you could add details like a detachable cheek rest and maybe some sort of bipod. Also try to imagine what major parts your rifle consists of, and try to make seams so that you can see how it’s assembled

if you render and save as .png with quality at 100, you will have a render with no artifacts. Those blocks of pixel are really annoying. Model looks fine to me