Futuro Darko - WIP

Hi All,

Current WIP based on amazing concept art by Krzysztof Nowak - https://www.artstation.com/chkn

Rendered in EEVEE, still playing around with freestyle lines to see if i can reduce the flickering (any advice would be appreciated).

short animation



Awesome ! Did you try to blur the lines and change the thickness in the compositor ?

Dude this looks amazing! Big fan of the style, looking forward to seeing the finished scene

I like what you’ve got going here! Nice composition and color scheme. I’ve always been a fan of the 80’s style boxy/functional look of vehicles and equipment. I’m also impressed at the results you’ve achieved with freestyle lines.

Thanks for the tips Zakousky, I haven’t tried the compositor yet in Blender, using After Effects. That looks interesting though will give me something else to try out. Thanks again.

Thanks Null_Dispatch and Villitz.

@Villitz yeah such a cool style you should check out Krzysztof work - https://www.artstation.com/chkn

Couple more renders and another test anim.



This is great! How did you get the solid dark shadows?

Awesome, awesome work.

I’ve been playing around with freestyle rendering recently, and one thing I recommend doing is curving and twisting some your geometry in random places, so that your freestyle lines don’t come out perfectly straight. It can help give your scenes a bit more of a hand drawn feel, make them look less computer rendered.