Fwidget! 11,600 vertices!!!

What I usually do while I’m using blender it model something around me. I always have my Fwidget right in front of me, so I can fidget around when it’s rendering or baking or something. I bet you’re wondering what a fwidget is right now, just watch this youtube video, it’s a widget for fidgets! :yes:


I’m rendering a short animation right now.

EDIT: finished rendering! :slight_smile:
Click here to see a short animation showing all the details in the model.

omg I want one!

to me that doesn’t really look like a metallic ball in the middle, rather it looks like a pearl.

What the heck is it? and why so many verticies?

For sure. Looks like a pearl. I’d say, use a dark grey color with a cloud Refl map. Or Ray Mirror.

And some smoothing on the wheels would be nice too.

But hey, good model. As ThatHaze said, why so many verts? Actually in some places there are visible faces that need more polys. Just some quick fixes would make this a really good model.