FX freezing floor motion tracking + breakdown + tutorial

this is a finished test for the FXwars-Big Freeze, and this technic will become my main tast for the movie, i hope you like it :slight_smile:

avi 10 MB: http://www.putfile.com/media.php?n=breakdown-freeze43
quicktime 7 MBhttp://www.putfile.com/media.php?n=breakdown-freeze

and check out the pre-production thread :wink:

AND check out my tutorial and make your own ice freeze :smiley:
Freeze effect tutorial



Change your topic to include that this is an animatin. I almost didn’t bother to look.

Great FX by the way. I like it. Something that will interest many people here. I am sure it is still in developement so I don’t have any crits yet.

hey thx, i’ve changed the topic to something more interseting: FX freezing floor animation/ motion tracking + breakdown
lol :wink: yep it’s in development, so you can still see some nasty ‘open’ edges. tracking problems, not the whole envorinment modelled etc.

Any chance you could put a direct link to the animation film file somewere, I don’t want to install 21meg of apple quick time crap!!, as a player I use already plays mov files etc.


kencanvey, does an avi work for you? http://www.putfile.com/media.php?n=breakdown-freeze43

Nice going job ! good job, job :wink:

Very nice Effect.

I don’t understand why it’s shaking so fast though? Is there a reason behind that? If you are walking, I don’t think you shake that fast.

Very good effect though… Looks great :slight_smile:

the effect looks great, but you need to replace your walls a bit. The door frame in which the camera pass seems out of place of about 5cm…it’s not such a big deal, but it does look odd that the ice form up “above” the wall, instead of on it :wink:

keep it up!

focus thx :slight_smile: yea i know i’ve got a strange name Job needs a Job cuz he doing a great Job with his Job lol :stuck_out_tongue:

DanBoghean: thx! i filmed the footage with a small dv camera so i could used one of my skates and a few elastics to keep the camera save from falling. :slight_smile:

Ecks: thanks, yep the door was pretty annoying, cuz the tracking isn’t 100% accurate, i had to choose one point where the door ís on it’s right place and one point where it isn’t :frowning:

Outstanding! It reminds me of the subzero freezing effect used in the motion picture “The Day After Tomorrow”.

great work. I really enjoyed watching the breakdown of how you did the freezing effect.

I use K-Lite Codec Pack. It installs “it all” Quicktime, DIVX, XVID etc. All without the crap, and spywarem or unecessary startup apps…

Get it here…

nicely done job, congrats.

here is my try to a ice breakdown, with a diferent technique.
could somebody give me tips to do realistic ice plz


ps-- is not a little image, is a thumb

wow. impressive. if you could post a tutorial on how to do this it would be much appreciated (was blender the only program used, and how did you go about making this?) i’d really like to know how to pull this off! :smiley:


What a good effect like a hollywood movie!
It is good for me, because here in Japan is so
high temp. and high humidity.
Your work made me cooler, although within a second. :smiley:

Yea I use k-lite already.

OK finally got to see this and I think its great, looks very convincing :slight_smile:

The problem I had was with firefox rubbish, I am going bact to IE, never had a problem with that.


blendm8r: thx! That was actually where i was aiming for so -double- compliment :wink:

jedicinema: thx, i myself enjoy watching breakdown, now finnaly i can do one by myself :smiley: lol

Hellbok: thx, fun too see you’re trying it to do too :slight_smile: but where’s the ‘ice’ mask this is pure ice straight from the beginning, anyway, start a nice thread on the WIP forum, eh :wink:

Coalth: thanks! yeeah i’ll make a tutorial with pics and stuff today/tomorrow :slight_smile:

Toudou: a hollywood movie? thx :smiley:

kenvanvey: thx, im glad it works for ya :slight_smile:

Yes. Definately tutorial on this. :slight_smile:
Good work.

Hey, pretty neat stuff Job!

Looks promising.

thx Redbyte and Sago :slight_smile:

here’s the tutorial: Freeze effect tutorial