fxhome - CompositeLab

Just like to let you know that fxhome released the successor to their affordable compositing software Chromanator.

The new application is called CompositeLab and comes in 2 versions, DV and PRO (about 130 EUR). It runs on Windows and Max OS X. A demo version is available on their website.

Edit: After looking around in the user forums, I learned that CompositeLab’s license forces you to credit fxhome in your production.

For professional productions fxhome offers VisionLab HD, which includes particles, rain, dust, explosions, more filters, High Definition video support and a full commercial licence (but is about 445 EUR).

> fxhome website

Hell we credit Newtek and Apple in all our productions at work. I really don’t think we have to, but we usually slip a Final Cut Pro or lightwave refrence in there somewhere.

It’s not that bad of a deal. But if your that bitchy about it, get the HD version, no credit needed.