FYI: Vue 8 Frontier .. for a few dollars less .. limited time ( I think )

VUE 8 FRONTIER - Normally this version of Vue is $99. But its now on sale for $49. If you join up with the cornucopia C.Club ( $7.95 per month ) you get it for $9.90.

For info on this version of VUE:

Click on features over left for comparison and huge feature listing.

My two cents - for $49 it might be a useful tool in the 3D toolbox. For backgrounds and the like.

Bare in mind this is NOT Vue INfinite or Vue complete so export features might be slim. Be that as it may it might still be worth a punt at $49.

Aidan ( not affiliated with E-on or Cornucopia )


Do you use this. I’m curious about sky-domes or sky-boxes. I know that you can’t export from this version but I’m wonder if you have any knowledge of these?

P. Monk

P. S. Thanks for posting this.

If you look at the Vue forum on CGTalk you’ll tend to find a lot of complaints about crashes, slowdowns ect… and allegations the program is very unstable.

If the complaints about constant crashes are true than what’s the point of enjoying all the cutting edge features if using them might cause you to lose your work?