G|3D Gamers Workshop

Blender is a very capable software in developing artistic content for game media. I feel I have enough experience in blender and game art to develop presentations (Videos) on using blender and other tools (freeware) to create content. I had tried this before with the game engine, but its didn’t go very far (main because scipting was its main feature which was bad for video, plus my living arragements allowed very little free of noise times).

Each step will be released every week upon starting

Anyways here is an outline of video tutorials which intend to be developed.

Step 1:
-Developing a Concept Character
-Drawing a Model Sheet

Step 2:
-Setting up to model
-Modeling the Character

Step 3:
-Setting up the “rig”
-Weight Painting
-Testing your model animation limitations

Step 4:

Step 5:
-Textureing (Gimp)

Step 6:
-Animating a walk cycle

Possible additions:
-Normal Mapping (with nmfexport.py)
-Terrain Modeling (with G|3D heightmap export script)

The release is free, as i’ll be hosting the videos. What I need to know from users is there any other part dealing with the gaming do you feel should be added. Also what video format do you enjoy most? Current formats will include .mov and .avi (xvid)

Here is a small demo time lasp of me drawing something I am still tring to get the lighting right with my crappy webcam so you can see the lines better.
http://www.gorilla3d.com/vids/lasp.avi < xvid, no audio

object interaction and ai… or is that out side the scope of your game tut? good luck

I wanted to more or less stay away from Blender GE. I may add a part of RenderMonkey, but only if people would want it.

one thing that i’ve always found a real chalenge is when you want a character to do more than on thin at a time eg. walk and shoot, run and grab. If you are doing it witha game focus, prehaps some wisdom to newbee’s on how to get a single charater to do mutiply things. It could be affected by the game engen they choose to use.