G-Dolph 300

Its been a long time not posting any of my art work because I have so many stuff to do (school stuff, SAT, etc.). As soon as I began to return to blender, I went on tutorials and tips to get an idea of modeling and materials. I stopped using blender internal because the materials aren’t realistic and moved to cycles. This is my first scene with cycles. Its a futuristic car named G-Dolph 300 (or Golden-Dolphin 300) in the tunnel. Took me a little bit over an hour to render. More textures and materials will come later. Just wanted your feedback of my image.

Sorry for not updating this scene for a long time since the rendering in the rendering mode is slow when I was using my CPU (my graphics card is not compatible with Blender so I can’t use GPU). Also as promised, I included bump map for the road, bump map for the tunnel, and HDRI for the environment. I also resized the image because somehow the manage attachment wouldn’t upload my regular picture (which is 1920x1920) so I resized them to 960x960.

I improved my scene in tweaking the materials, trying to make it more realistic as I can. I also composited the image.

This is the image without composting:

And this is the image with composting:

Hope you like it.

I expanded the road long enough to look like it’s going forever and when I put this scene in camera mode, the road doesn’t look like it’s going forever. Any ideas on how to fix that?