G-Lasso Draw

If the Volume is not 1 or more, relax will not be executed.


May be a little video on your youtube for see what change :slight_smile:

Can you add the stroke to surface option with a small offset.
it works really well but when we restart g-lasso it automatically returns to 3D cursor, having the option before would be great …
To add details on a second pass for example.
Great work…

I get this weird traceback error saying
Modulenotfounderror: No module named ´g_lasso_draw_2-8_ver1´

Anyone has any ideas how to fix this or what i did wrong?

I do not quite understand the error…

  • What is the timing of the error?
  • Is it The latest version of the add-on?
  • Is it the latest version of Blender 2.8?
  • Copy the error written in “info” editor type, please post it
  • Please tell me the OS name of the PC

It’s the filename. Gumroad file is downloaded as “g_lasso_draw_ver1.1.txt” and even if you rename it to “g_lasso_draw_ver1.1.py” the multiple periods in the filename cause that error. It should be something like “g_lasso_draw.py”. If you need to name them differently for 2.79 or 2.8 distribution, put them in zip files named differently but the same name for the actual Python file.

Thx man! I figured that it had to be something about the the filename.If i change the name to something without multiple dots I can at least check it in the addon window but it still gives me an error message when i shift-v in draw mode.
So yea, I´m sure this is a minor fix.

Weird, works fine for me in my slightly stale blender 4d4ae491c809 from yesterday.

I understood. I appreciate the explanation.
It was caused by changing the file name on gumroad.
(I thought that it would not synchronize with the upgraded file name)
I’m sorry.

I immediately changed the name on gumroad to “g_lasso_draw_2-8_ver1-1”.

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I understood this error.
If the file name is “g_lasso_draw_2-8_ver1.1.py”
The same error was reproduced on my PC.

If the file name is “g_lasso_draw_2-8_ver1-1.py”
It is confirmed that no error occurs.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/private/var/folders/3w/k5rj70_s7llc07vvhdjt3gl00000gn/T/AppTranslocation/2D7483C4-031C-47A4-8C21-750F65BB91F6/d/blender.app/Contents/Resources/2.80/scripts/modules/addon_utils.py”, line 351, in enable
mod = import(module_name)
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘g_lasso_draw_2-8_ver1’

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Alright, renaming the file did indeed fix it! Thank you!

To briefly explain “CurveTube setup”

  • “CurveTube setup” Button creates an empty curve object
  • You can quickly create a team with Curve’s Draw tool etc.
  • You can adjust the parameters of the curve object in the Curve panel
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G-Lasso Draw ver1.2 Update!

Due to increased functionality, we raised the price from $3 to $5.

■ The major changes are as follows

  • Boolean now available for Grease Pencil
  • Changed the menu for each item so that it can be opened and closed
  • Mirror modifier’s “bisect” Option is made available

Boolean now available for Grease Pencil

  • You can immediately use the drawn grease pencil stroke for boolean

  • BoolTool addon required

    • Please Enable it because it uses BoolTool addon
    • Blender built-in addon
  • “Bool:” in the menu is processed as a bool target object

    • When you execute “G-Lasso Draw” in “object mode” and " object selected “, it is set as the ball target object in” Bool: "
    • At this time, “Bool:” is red, but there is no problem
  • Types of boolean that can be used

    • (Run in grease pencil draw mode)
    • Add (V + Ctrl)
      • Merge target and boolean objects
    • Difference (V + Alt)
      • Delete target object with boolean object
      • Automatically set the offset to 0, the thickness to 999, and it will be cut out easily shape
    • Slice (V + Ctrl + Alt)
      • Duplicate parts of target and boolean objects are clipped as objects
      • Automatically set the offset to 0, the thickness to 999, and it will be cut out easily shape
  • Option after execution

    • You can choose to do smooth at boolean face

Add G-Auto Smooth function

  • We will do a smooth shade and automatic smooth check
  • You can adjust the angle of smoothing after execution

Changed the menu

  • Menu can be opened and closed for each item
    • you can now compact the menu
  • Displaying the properties of the active object’s Solidify Modifier
    • After creating the polygon, you can adjust the number in the panel
    • Thickness
    • Offset
  • Added Keymap and related links to the user setting screen of this add-on
    • Keymap
    • Use add-on
    • Related Links

Add option

  • Mirror modifier’s bisect is made available
    • Even if the stroke protrudes to the opposite side of the mirror, you can now slice the other side
  • Mirror modifier’s flip of bisect made available
    • You can reverse the slicing axis
  • We made it possible to use the offset of the thickening modifier
  • Grease pencil’s “stroke standard” made selectable
    • Strokes can now be drawn on the surface of the object
  • Enable to set the depth offset if the stroke criterion is surface
    • Now you can draw strokes that float a little from the surface of the object

Bug Fixed

  • that modifier apply was not reflected when using AutoMirror

Look cool Man, but please do a video…please :slight_smile:

I also feel the need tutorial movie for this addon…

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Absolutely love it, works like a charm, thanks!
Only one issue I’ve stumbled upon is that if you have Copy Attributes Menu addon enabled, you can’t use it since it using CTRL+V for pasting and this combination are intercepted by Union Boolean.

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I created a simple demo movie about Boolean function.


Thx :slight_smile: it’s work very well :slight_smile: what about momentary transparent mode when you draw stroke on bool operation, like this you can see stroke through mesh, of course I can add manually before it’s just sped up workflow stuff,
Any way nice work, it’s become better and better :slight_smile:

Oops! I seem to have made a mistake in setting the keymap.
I will correct this immediately.

Due to I registered Boolean 's Keymap in “greasePencil (Global)”,
Key setting can also be used in other modes.
(I wanted key settings to work only in draw mode)

To fix it now in your PC environment

Invalidate the key setting registered in “greasePencil (Global)”,
Register Boolean Keymap in “greasePencil Stroke Paint Mode”.

  • gldraw.gldraw_bool_auto_union
  • gldraw.gldraw_bool_auto_slice
  • gldraw.gldraw_bool_auto_difference
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I think so, too.
But in order to implement that function, I will need some sort of ingenuity.
(not damage the comfort of polygon creation)

momentary transparent mode when you draw stroke on bool operation