G-Lasso Draw

Hi @Bookyakuno Amazing update, as always. I’m wondering if it’s possible to hide the booleans automatically like in 1.6? An option to either hide or apply booleans at cut time.
Keep operating option makes my blender crash. I’m using stable 2.83.
Thanks for your time and effort.

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@Bookyakuno Q: im about to buy this plugin regardless of your answer. Have you research/tested the pressure settings from grease pencil api for drawing the stroke straight to mesh? Not the shape like you have here, but rather the width of it.

Enter Draw mode
+ Paint
+ Exit draw mode
+ w key Convert to polygon curve
+ select new curve
+ select curve settings tab
+ find geometry, scale up extrude, it should retain the width normalized here, so you have to visually slide it to your liking
+ alt c to convert to mesh from curve
+ change mode to vertex color paint mode
+ Paint, however this is new to me, I also have to add a material and a vertex node and link them, I dont recall having to do that before to get the paint to show up

I simply am looking to find or make an add on that makes flat mesh planes from the paint stroke.
I know the process in blender, but its tedium and it loses the vertex paint colors thats in the new build. I was essentially trying to replicate Googles VR Tilt brush app without VR.

Thank you for making the GLasso Addon no matter what! Pressing alt click in edit mode has never really given me mesh I had in my head without lots of fiddly sculpting

Boolean also show error on apply