G1-1984 Merchant Freighter Ship

Hey guys. I started working on this about 3-5 hours ago, and I’m starting to flesh out the look of this ship. The thrusters, guns, and turbines are all in place already, but I might move them around. I really like the way the rocket turrets on top of the ship came out, but I can’t seem to get the rest of the ship to look like them. I wanna try softening the shadows, and see if that works. I don’t like these big blocky shadows anyways. I really haven’t put any details into the ship’s frame yet. It’s really just a big hunk of metal. I’m having trouble making a window on the front too. Trying to make a material that’ll look good for it, but not having too much luck. I’m gonna make the lasers much less shiny, and overall try to make it have a bit more of a wear and tear look. I might replace the lasers entirely, cause they kinda look like legos. I’m really looking for heavy critique, so try and rip me a new one. xD

I was wondering if I should should put this into the Critique section now, or wait until I feel I’m finished, then put it there?



My initial thought was: what’s a merchant freighter doing with guns aboard anyway? You’ve got to hire crew to man them, who mostly just sit around on their duffs and eat up your profits. That weight of metal could surround a cargo hold three times the size, if it was designed to look like a sphere. Needs cargo space, large cargo doors or hatches, cargo handling attachments instead of guns. Pull out the lasers, put in some cranes and derricks.
Let the Navy do the protection. That’s what they’re there for.

hmm… it would look better i think if you applied a subsurf. or maybe just hit the “set smooth” button. but its a good design, but an easy target. if you added some slopes to the armor it would make more sense.

Alright. I’m honestly surprised with how it came out. It almost looks like a completely different ship. I still have to add the cranes and some scaffolding, etc., but it’s looking much more like what I had in mind. The Stork, the ultimate in luxury merchant cruisers. Still working on the advertisement for it, but don’t worry, it’ll be good. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and Orinoco, it could have turrets. In this day and age, automation is the new preferred labor!

NJROTC, if I set it smooth or subsurf, it comes out really bad. x_X

It looks much better in my opinion, but tell me yours! :smiley:


I agree with orinoco, how do you get the cargo in and out, and there is too much fire power for a cargo ship though it should still have maybe 1 or 2 small guns as it should hold it’s own while waiting for backup. the wings and the nose of the ship look deformed, there are angles that don’t look right. don’t see any landing gear or radar dishes/antennas.

Wow I like it better this way. The only problem is I can’t really tell if this is like some giant cruiser or a tiny fighter from the picture. There isn’t anything right now to give scale. But I can see its early wip so thats ok, but you should keep that in mind :wink:

Alright, I added in a couple of cranes, and I’m hoping to make some transport crates to put in the cargo holds. I also put it in a bit more of a scaled environment. That little green thing in the side picture is a jeep, just so you know. xD

C&C desired and appreciated!

I had to clip some of the front view, cause the file size was a little too big (250kb).



Okay, so I added the crates, but they’re a little high in the vert count. I was somewhere around 60-70k verts before the crates and the crane, and now I’m up to 92k verts. My pitiful excuse for a computer is starting to lag up, making it a pain to navigate the 3D view. ><

I really love how the crates came out though. I was aiming for a present-day freight train look with a bit of space age thrown in. The one render of the top view I turned off halo for the main light source. I think I’m gonna turn it on, and then add some noise and other things in photoshop to make it look like…well, what it’s supposed to be, 1984. Kinda grainy, like an old film. I could really use some help with the textures though. It still looks too pretty; like something out of a lego box. C&C appreciated! Thanks!