G1 Starscream (UPDATED Nov. 12 with test render)

Really needs no further explanation.

Working from this image for the body, will use some images from the show for the head.

Comments & crits welcome.


Awesome start. I think my parents still have my old Star Scream toy at home. Loved that stuff when I was a kid.


I couldn’t help but notice that your vert count seems to be a bit on the high side. What does your mesh look like?

The mesh? Hmm…it looks just like what you see here, but without shading. That’s because it’s bevelled. I did this because I felt it looked better than just having hard angles. High vertex count meshes were also required in the first place for the cockpit and the chest plates, in order to cut some nice-looking shapes from them. Here’s an update:


Added legs and feet, as well as the notch on the top of the cockpit. Keep the C&C coming. :smiley:


Its looking good but it still seems like a high vert count to me… Not sure if that many verts are required for that sort of geometry.

Sorry to bring back the dead, but I took a break from this for about 2 weeks, but now the model is just about finished. Here’s a test render:


I know there are a few things that aren’t quite right on it, and I still have to do the textures other than the wing texture (which, itself, needs to be tweaked a bit). C&C on this would be greatly appreciated.


P.S. DeSoto, I think you’ll be pleased to know that the total count for the full, nearly-complete model (wings, arms, hands, guns, head and all) is 73001 vertices and 72835 faces. Thanks. 8)