G36c Rifle WIP

I went back to try to finish up this model. There were some things i never really liked. Anything you guys find that needs to be redone or change, say it. I know the stock is pretty messed up and there are some other things i want to re do.

Old “Complete” Model:

New Update:



wow very very well done.

that’s bloody amazing. the stock still looks a bit messed up though.

If you don’t mind me asking,

  • where do you get your reference pictures?
  • would you mind making a (fairly) detailed tutorial on such gun modelling? not necessarily this gun, but perhaps next time you model one you might write a tutorial as you go.

i’d love to see it textured.

Thanks for the comments guys.

  • For my reference pics, i just google the gun i want to model, find a side view,save the pic ( get a pretty good size one) and set it as your background image in Blender. Then look around for pics from different angles so you can see just how everything looks.
    -Sure, ill try doing that next time.
    If anyone has any preferences to what rifle they want modeled, just say so.

a tutorial for gun-making would be very much appreciated!

sexy, like it, better than i can do.

What gun would you guys want a tutorial on?

Aaah Pure ownage in Battlefield 2! I love that gun good job on the model. You still forgot some details though. I know those are just small things but details make the difference. I hope you understand my image :wink:



Thanks for pointing those out, they’ll help me out a lot. Even before your post i noticed how the rear sight was suppose to go out so i did that. I didnt even notice the cube thing near the stock. One thing i dont get is where i have the squre indented in the middle of the receiver, i dont understand what you mean. The stock got messed up because i used boolean to make the holes in the stock and for some reason i beveled it and it got like that. I made a new one know though with out any boolean. THe blue arrow thats pointing to below the sight saying it needs another cube, i dont see that on the picture.

you should do a tutorial on the M16 Carbine (or maybe it’s the M1). or how about a support-fire gun? (on a bipod)

Well first of all I have a real secret boolean technique. but this time I will share it with you guys:
When you need to apply booleans to a mesh save the file and open it with the blender version 2.36. It has the best boolean technique and doesn’t give you ANY errors that the mesh is open. This way I also made those holes in my XM109 Sniper standard(bipod). But for that stock you don’t really need booleans anyway, just follow the reference.[/secret]

Eeeenyway, about that blue arrow pointing below check the image. It looks like a cube Similar to that should be added you see?

" One thing i dont get is where i have the squre indented in the middle of the receiver, i dont understand what you mean."

I don’t get what you mean either.

oh and for that tutorial I would like to see a ww2 weapon like the Sturmgewehr or Springfield sniper especially the texturing part.



Ok, i get what you mean now. Below are some of the adjustments i made, they are mostly in the rear of the gun.

As for the tutorial, how bout i combine both of your ideas and do a WW2 heavy/support machine gun like a Mg34, Mg42, BAR 1918, M2 .50cal or 1919A4 .30cal.


You still forgot some things to add especially. What you really need to add is that thing that I mentioned with that thick red link in the left upper corner. Also try to work on some other things I mentioned then start on texturing this baby :slight_smile:


the same one if possible, just wondering but why did you model a gun, are you going to use it in a game or is it going to be used as part of another object or just by its self as a still?

I just model the guns by themselves.