GA entering DominanceWar IV?

There would be the possibility for this forum to enter the upcoming Dominance War IV and I wanted to know if there’s any interest in that.

First, what’s DomWar?

  • It’s the currently world’s biggest character gameart contest around… so a really tough challenge. :wink:
    There are a couple of forums involved of which each represents a “team” and you get to choose one of those forums to participate in its name. And BA could be a new team in the game.

As gameart rapidly became much more important for blenderheads and blender itself I figured that might be a good thing to consider.
The thing is that we would really have to pull off something amazing and that there has to be a number of people being seriously interested in participating because otherweise there’s absolutely no point in it.

For some more information visit this link:

I’d love to hear what you think about it,

I saw the entries of 3dtotal and followed pretty closely the winining entry which was done by one of the 3dtotal forum members, It seems like an amazing and interesting tournment but do we have a strong enough and deep enough talent pool here on this site to give a good account of ourselves am deeply skeptical of that.

Endi is an army unto himself, to be sure, but I doubt even he would be able to make up for the rest of us. :stuck_out_tongue:

this sounds like it’d be fun. Realistically, we don’t have a super good chance, but this would be a good way to get out the name out, you know? However, these tournaments are really hard, because all the pros enter them too. But still, couldn’t hurt to try :smiley:

I was in the last one. Didn’t go so well but I will get better. I hope others will join also.

If we can get this quality we are in -->

I entered this challenge last year too and remember its not the tool but the artist. I believe blender can do it especially with the changes that blender is undertaking. I’m going to try and pump something like that out just to prove to myself that some thing like that can be done with blender.

I think it would be better to join the war with one of the established forums as I do not think that this forum alone stands a chance as there are not enough entrees but that is just my opinion … and I’m ready to be told differently :smiley:

Didn’t a forum have like 2 entries? eatpoo or something like that.

afaik, no app specific forums. :slight_smile: so I usually hold my thumbs up for the cgtalk guy’s.

We’re f***ed.

Okay, no, there are probably a few blendheads around here who could pull it together and make a hell of an entry, but yeah, I don’t see Blender playing a major role in the competition for a good year or so. It just isn’t yet recognized for its potential in these areas.

This obviously because there are few users who have the skill to touch that potential, though its definitely starting to manifest itself lately.


You dont see the Zbrush, Max, or Maya forums competing either because its supposed to be a competition between artists, not applications. In addition, none of the top entries are going to be made in just one program. It would be really cool to see Blender listed as one of the software packages used to create a winning entry, but it would only be one of several.

The thing is that zbrush makes is very hard for blender to win anything :D. I saw an awesome piece by someone and he only used zbrush. It was impressive. I’m not saying it’s impossible but he was using like 15 millions polygons and even textured it inside zbrush. But it’s not always the one that has the most polygons that win but it sure takes them to top 50.

I don’t think it is a lack of skill but rather the lack to do the nessecary details in Blender alone. Let’s be honest the sculpting in Blender is awesome but it just doesn’t have the capacity to create the detail like Zbrush or Mudbox 2009.
I do not see any problem for some of the guys on this forum to create the nessecary meshes and topology to compete but when it comes to the nessecary texture details I do not see Blender being technically capabale of doing it at the moment. So a Blender winning entry will have to be done partially in other software and the problem with a lot of the Blender users is that they do not have the money to buy this software. So we do not have the full capacity of this forum but rather just a small subpart, the few professionals, that actually have access to the nessecary tools or the people that use pirated software.
Just my 2 cts and to give support to my argument look at the Blending Life entries.

I tend to think the other way completely I think its the lack of skills not Blender that would be the biggest problem. I joined up with 3dtotal around the time this years tournment started, I liked there now discontiued stylised challegene, I think I’ve only posted once there but I followed some of the dominance war entries espiecally the eventual winner’s thread. the skill and level of work that was been put in is something I rarely come across here.

it is a lowpoly contest so you could definately build the base meshes in blender, for sculpting I think one would have to use an external package. the rendering is also done in an external package. as far as texturing the are strict competition limits as to what you are allowed to do, and what you are allowed to do is certainly possible within Blender.

Nothing wrong with using mudbox or zbrush with blender when working on an entry, just as we would have to use photoshop or the likes to do a texture.

i wouldn’t enter, I think that contest is getting more boring every time. And who cares about what application they use. It’s one big mix anyway.

Well you haven’t looked very hard then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please proof to me that there are only unskilled and untalented members on this forum. To proof you different go to the gallery on this forum or take a look at the gallery on

The point is that there are skilled people on this forum but the skill for that competition is not enough. The gallery quality on this forum is very low. When test renders get on this forum gallery.

You guys are awfully good at dissing yourselves…