Gabriel Narutowicz Square

Hello, Last time I attended in architectural competition. I want to show You ours visualisation. All made in blender cycles some minor tweaks in PS like inserting peopole, light rays ect.

Comments are welcome also the project. Maby someone of you attendes in that competion too?

Work done with collaboration - Maciej Kolendowicz ( and Jan Biernawski (


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some other pictures


Nice work, how long did it took to render one image?

Very impressive ! Excellent work !

Excellent work mate!!! The best arch viz I seen in blender. We need tips, wires etc
(NOW! :P)

Thanks! I planned to do simple making-of. A lot of elements are instances. It’s a key to manage such a complex scene, and use only 2gb video card. I work in this way: One main blender file with project and folder with assets. And I simply linked model from assets folder to main blender file. I render a lots of passes to do some tweaks in post projection.
Here you have some wires:


hello Drabson! Really good work! I pass by that square every day with the bus when I come back to work! :smiley:

The overall look is great, especially the fly renders. In my opinion the less convincing thing is the asphalt which looks a bit plastic. Maybe you wanted to achieve this kind of effect but in my opinion is too much in contrast with the rest of the scene which looks more realistic. Anyway as I said, great looking renders!

Thumbs up for the making of, would be nice to see it!

GALLERY QUALITY ALERT! :smiley: Dude this is so cool… ArchiViz is my favorite 3D subject. Just looking at these is a lot of fun. You need to go for some futuristic building ArchiViz next. Keep it up!

I’ve seen it somewhere before. Probably on I thought it was Vray or somethink like that. Good job

Thanks for koments!

about 2 to 3h on one gtx 460.
yes asphalt is the wikness point of this images. You have realy nice works on you portfolio - were are you working?
:wink: Thanks, I consider to make sf scene.
yes I posted it on Max3d - but this is 100% cycles with some tweaking in PS.

This is phenomenal, especially the last image in your first post. Thought it was a photo! Amazing work, and I can’t image how long it took you to model and texture everything there :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Drabson, a lot of hard work done again! Congrats, very well done scene! I esspecially like the 3rd visualizations.
Pozdrawiam, paulina.

Not so long as shoud be ;-). About one week but project changed several times so we need changed model as well.

Is this openstreetmap in the back?

openstreetmap? nope

u has lots of patient man!thumbs up!!:slight_smile:

Why patient? :wink:

I’m very impressed.
Excellent work!

Really well done!

A well deserved toprow.