Gadgetize my shirt, gadgets and shirts combining into one
Gadgets, displays, lights, and shirts are really starting to come together as the links show, it seems like we’re going to see a new generation of clothing that will have displays and stuff like buttons intergrated into them.

(click the links on the bottom of the BBC website to find out more of their mentioned shirt displays)

Oh boy, walking human bilboards! And animated too

I can imagine in a few years people loaning their clothes to advertising companies to make a few bucks for wearing their ads on their shirt.

Or custom logos on your shirt! change them whenever you want to. But that kinda makes you want to wear the same shirt over and over…yuk

Odd idea but interesting nonetheless

oh come on! gadgets in shirts? that’s old news there. Icoxo, i thought you were all “up ons” with the science (sorry for strong bad phrasing…). anyway, that kinda thing was featured in Wired a while ago, so it doesn’t stun me, but it would be kinda fun to send text messages by posting them on your shirts. it’s just as revealing as talking in public, but twice the fun!!