Gaffer - A Lighting & HDRI Manager Add-on

We’re a strange bunch indeed :wink:

Great! I haven’t had too much feedback from purchasers, so don’t forget to shout if you think of a suggestion or find a bug!

Haven’t looked closely, but do you do GI?

GI as in global illumination? What do you mean? This isn’t a renderer, it’s a lighting manager.

What I meant is this geared for indoor lighting situations exclusively? Or does your lighting also mimic outdoor, sunlit conditions?

Or does this simply provide a single “handle” for all lighting in a scene, so that you can brighten and dim, or harden and soften the total light solution as needed?

I suggest you read a little more about it - it’s a light manager, it doesn’t do the lighting for you.

Check. Thanks

Sorry it offtopic but can you tell me which theme do you use?

I was wondering if it would be possible with your addon to flag some emissive geometry as lights and get them added to your Gaffer tab with emissive color / intensity / texture if needed.


It already supports mesh lights just the same as regular lamps :slight_smile:

Ok I didn’t see it in the UI screenshots, sorry about that. It looks like I’ll just buy it then :wink:

I love the add-on so far.
Can I make a suggestion? Could you please consider adding (ies) lighting support for future update? personally I think this the only feature missing from this add-on.


Great Tool Gregzaal! Nice video demo too :wink:

Hi there.
@Greg. Nice work . Is there any posibility to bake lights & shadows to use in BGE , or it is just light manager ?


Thanks vitorbalbio :slight_smile:

chafari - If it’s baking you’re interested in, I suggest you get the BakeTool instead, Gaffer is purely a lighting manager and doesn’t have any functionality for baking.

Ahh OK ! , I will take a look at it thanks.

This is awesome! As a lighting artist I’ve been subconsciously been waiting for a tool like this. Downloading now!

The Blender Conference is next weekend and v2.0 is here - this calls for a sale!

For the next two weeks, Gaffer is half price :slight_smile: Get it while it’s hot:

Version two adds aiming functions, size and label display in the 3D view, blacklisting and a whole bunch of other little tools.

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Thanks for the update the 2.8 version is amazing ! best hdri handler for blender ! by the way how do we update our HDRI haven library ? i remember i pushed a button to download all the 1K hdri from have, but it was 1year ago i dont know how to auto download the latest

Thanks! Currently there’s no built-in way to fetch more HDRIs from HDRI Haven after the initial download, but you can always download some more yourself.


Hello @gregzaal,
I have a few questions regarding Gaffer:

  1. Where does Gaffer save all the generated previews from the .hdr files? the adjustements of each HDRI? and the tags?
  2. How do I delete existing and new tags? (I would like to remove all tags and make my own).
  3. Once you put an HDRI, is it possible to remove it from the scene to ‘None’ directly from your HDRI preview panel (in the Properties Editor > World context) without going to the shader editor (to remove the node there)?
  4. Is there a way to change the mouse scrolling direction when searching through the HDRIs? When I scroll down, it goes upwards and vice versa.

Also, I have a feature request:
Could it be possible for you to create a “Categories” feature as a drop down menu in the HDRI? Which would recognize user created sub-folders in the main “HDRI Folders” and that would display only the HDRIs contained in that sub-folder.