Gahhhhh!!! Can't get rid of stupid cramped font anymore!!!

They finally did it. They finally squished the UI font into an uncomfortably narrow version. :mad:And the worst part is, I can’t change it. I used to be able to replace the condensed bfont.ttf.c with an uncondensed version, but it’s not working anymore. Help!

I downloaded a new build less than a hour ago and I didn’t notice any font changes that made it less readable. (for me anyway, not sure about others)

You can improve the spacing between letters as well as the readability by going to the preferences and turning off the anti-aliasing, if that’s not the issue than maybe it’s the scale you set for the panels.

You have to build it yourself. Droid got introduced with Garlic Branch.

it’s rocks!

if you dont like it start compiling yourself, you need a ttf and run pyloc script on it to generate a .c file. then compile.

whoa, that is really butt-ugly and really bad news. we have to try to make the devs to revert it. i hate that font, and it breaks consistency with every screenshot ever made for any tutorial.

if you dont like it start compiling yourself, you need a ttf and run pyloc script on it to generate a .c file. then compile.


You have to build it yourself. Droid got introduced with Garlic Branch.


I used to be able to replace the condensed bfont.ttf.c

BTW, I found out that if you delete the “font” folder in the 2.59>Datafiles folder, it fixes the problem.

I find this font Awesome.

it looks ok here :wink:

condar, that is hillarious :smiley:

hmm, i first thought they reintroduced a bug, which got fixed a couple of weeks ago. back then we had the same problem, that changing the dpi resolution in the user settings resizes the ui but not the font. now we have the same behavior again.

Oooo, Fancy!

Trying to give more serious feedback rather then just screaming and venting:
As I made rather clear already (probably a bit too clear…), I don’t think that changing the new font is a good choice.

Here’s why:

  1. I think it is hard to read.
    It is very narrow and small and makes UI elements hard to read.

  2. Not only does it not look good, it also does not fit really into the UI. It sits on the bottom of buttons, which looks just bad.

  3. For me the most important reason: It breaks consistency.
    Of course, of course, the whole 2.5 Interface is new and broke consistency with 2.49. But guess what, the thing that stayed the same and hence (at least for me) tied 2.49 and 2.5 together was the font (more or less).
    But apart from that, there is already a lot of documentation for blender 2.5, books, video-tutorials, pdfs, etc. All these use screenshots or -casts, created with the blender 2.5 interface, and a really important element of the interface is the font. So if there is suddenly a new font, ALL the screenshots look a lot different. Of course blender is evolving and new stuff is always being added, so no documentation is forever. But IMO we should try to keep consistency with the interface of Blender, so that the documentation doesn’t look so outdated soon.
    Really, creating Blender documentation in what form ever is a lot of work, and one part of that is making screenshots/screencasts. And I just think that the font is a very important part of the interface, and changing that is a huge step.

I understand that the new font is needed for internationalization. But the default interface is english, so no new font is needed for that. But if someone decides that he can use blender more easily in his native language, then he can enable internationalization and then the font can change. In fact, it would make it clear that it is not the default factory setting and remind the user that the “official” documentation may look different. But as long as Blender is in the default factory settings, with default language, I think it should keep good ol Blender font.

If I came off rude when yelling and screaming about the new font, I’m sorry for that, I should not have reacted so heated.
But I really feel that changing the default font is wrong.

Seems modo and carrara are ahead of the game when it comes to fonts. Modo’s fonts are unique. They’re tiny, yet still very readable. I really don’t know how Luxology managed to come up with such clear fonts. Even the big players out there can’t duplicate modo’s fonts.

i could resolve my problem with the font not scaling, by deleting my blender install folder and recompiling/installing. but other problems still persist.
in the default settings with 72 dpi the font is way too small. cranking up the dpi solves that, but the font scales really bad. characters are getting fuzzy/unsharp edges or even different thicknesses. plus, turning of anti-aliasing makes the ui hardly readable at all.


at 78 dpi:
notice the blurry edges and the variation in line-thickness

without AA:
now the variations in thickness are even more obvious

I vote for wingdings to become the default!!

Another possible fix:

My vote goes to 52 pickup

I too think the font is too narrow to be used. As a programmer I have spent a lot of time working with UI interfaces and have studied a great deal around the subject of usability. One of the key lessons that crops up time and time again is use a clear, easy to read font. I feel that the new font shown is far too narrow to be considered easy to read.

try download this and replace as font.