Gaia Online body project

yo. for, at the very least, a pet project to model the avatars from , with a little artistic license. i’m building up the general body from scratch, with the intent on making it animation-compatable - not necesarily to make animations, but to add bones and pose it. here’s some progress so far:

first step; body rough draft.
BUTT. :smiley:
focus on elbow.
focus on knee.

my main concern at this point is the topology and the virtex grouping. if those are the right terms … anyways, at this stage, i’m more concerned with getting the common anatomy down, before differenciating male and female models from this. i’m keeping the style as loosely cartoonish, however. i’ll post more images, when i make significant progress as i can.

any critiques on what i got so far? improvements?

Looking at the avatars I noticed they look like very small characters.
Like little children but with something of an adult (breasts, muscles,…).
Your model doesn’t seem to have that.
Shorten the legs and make them a bit fatter.

Also, that ass looks HUGE!

The style of your model doesn’t reflect the chibi style of the Gaia Avatars. Think of a midget while modeling chibi style characters, short limbs and body, large head.

(note: that was not a stab at midgets)

well, i didn’t want to model Gaia Online’s sprites exactly. that is, to make the models so stubby and short. i’m still putting in a large head, hands, and feet.

and all butts look big with the right perspective, vliegtuig. :slight_smile:

though, i’m not sure how to accurately model the muscles and joints … i haven’t found a clear guide that defines that.

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Isn’t that the game where you run around killing little cute creatures and living objects for points?

While you have the right idea with your model, you will need to focus on the topology a bit before continuing. It looks tight and stretched out like rubber, it needs definition more than detail. Simply adding more detail now would make it harder for you to give it shape.

Good luck with your project.

heh, you be thinking of something entirely different; maybe Ragnarok. Gaia Online is mainly a forum, with a dress-up paperdoll aspect added. there also isn’t a client or applet to download to play it, besides Micromedia Flash Player, maybe.

anyways, i haven’t been able to work on the model since i’ve started this thread. :[ mainly from zapped time because of college, but also i haven’t been able to get my hands on guides and tutorials that’ll help me with stuff like topology and edgeloops. maybe when i can get something that’ll actually explain things to me, than to be just junk thrown together and called a tutorial, i can sit down and make some progress.