GAIA (Short movie)

My first animation (with characters and story etc) in Blender. I know its not perfect, but I hope you might enjoy it.

GAIA is a film created by Nelson Fritsch. The story is about a child, who follows a mysterious wolf into the woods.

This film was created and rendered with Blender. Afterwards every Image was digitally redrawn and hand-coloured. The whole process from the storyboard, modelling, animation and post-processing took about six months.

(I will never hand-colour anything again :D)

Well the animation is quite good. Rendering could definitely be improved, though.

Very nice cinematography. Learning an application is nothing compared to having talent and learning the art of, well, art - or specifically filmmaking, in this case. You are very talanted and this film was very capturing - which is the whole thing, really… :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the comments! :o
I know the rendering is not very good, which was probably also a factor of time. Moreover I have learned very much about Blender and techniques with this project, so if I would do this movie again, I would work differently.

very nice work. your directing on it was amazing to me.

This is a great short! I love the style you used, and the story. And I agree that you directed it well. It was obviously well planned out.

The wolf fell the wrong way when shot and the running/walking animations looked out. But I loved it! The style looks awesome and your sound design is good. Well done. This has given me ideas for when I get round to doing a short film project.

I really liked the sound/music and think the grass is amazing, looks great. I loved the slight ruffle/movement of the child’s shirt in the wind. How much work did you put into that (the shirt)?
It is amazing. Simple, short and meaningful. Of course there might be slight room for improvement but it thought it was really nice.

Thanks everyone for your nice comments, I am appreciating it :slight_smile:

Thanks! Did it fell the wrong way? I couldnt test it as I havent got a wolf nearby :smiley: But I am glad you could get inspired by it

Well, I cant exactly say how long it took, but it drove me crazy. I experimented much with the clothing simulation.Without correct pinning the mesh will result in great chaos, especially in the running scenes. Perhaps 2-3 weeks until the clothing looked ok and some more time until I was glad with it.

Haha, now that would be some preparation! I meant as in it fell against the direction that the bullet hit it, if I remember rightly.

Your typography needs serious overhaul.

The camera feels a little stiff. Though your sense of dynamics works

And speaking of dynamics. Your poses…I just don’t like.
What I mean by that is this.
They do not carry the character.
It’s expressionless. Void of life.

This feels mean to ask if you put a huge amount of time into it, but… what do you mean by redrawn and hand-colored?
The strongest bits, I think, was the running animation and the final couple of shots with the hunter. The forest suddenly looked really deep and moody, and the hunter had some shape and definition I missed in the other models.

Well the Filosofia is a well-crafted font in my point of view. However the credits were made in the night before the exam, so I didnt had any motivation with this anymore

I rendered the film in black&white and afterwards imported every single image in Photoshop, made a new layer with transparency and “color burn” and draw the colors on that layer with the brush tool