Gail, Rigged character

so, this is gail, fully rigged, all made by me in blender, tell me what you think.

Lovely character, very expressive! Although stylized she has a very “real” feel to her. Is she based on a real person?

The facial rig is very impressive, looks like this model can convey a wide variety of emotions accuratley. Well done mate :slight_smile:

@ristesekuloski no, I just made it in the fly over an old model I had.

Looks pretty good, the deformation on the shoulder area is messed up, in the first picture, and I think the red around the eyes and the nose area is to severe, it sort of looks like she is has a cold or something. But besides that it looks good, the hair turned out nice, grooming hair can be really hard.

this character here is rather close to the uncanny valley for me. anatomically the eyes are to far apart. in addition to that it feels like you were going for a more realistic design but just barely missed the mark. but i think the biggest flaw is i cant tell whether it is a boy or a girl. if that is intentional then perfect!.. but it kind of looks like you slapped a male child’s character head onto a female body. (which may contribute to the uncanny valley feeling i was talking about earlier) you need to make the face more feminine. but a very nice attemmpt