Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman | Digital Sculpture

Hi everyone!

Took some time off from my portfolio work but now am updating finally with Wonder Woman :slight_smile:
Would love to hear what you guys think!

1/6 Scale Figure Digital Sculpture - Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman from the Superman vs Batman 2016 film.

And as always - Created and realtime rendered using Blender.

The challenge here for me was mainly to get a good grip on hard surface sculpting. I tried to sculpt the hard surface forms with no modeling. I think the result is still a bit more wobbly than I want, but I believe that with time I will get more control over the forms… I feel that going back and forth from modeling and sculpting hinders my flow in a way so that’s why I wish to find the best method for hard surface sculpting alone.

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What is the skin material?

Really cool. It looks exactly like her. Great work. :slight_smile:

Truly a masterpiece.
And i totally agree with “bigbad” the sculpt looks exactly like her,also the amount of attention and details that went into making the armor is something to admire.
Great work

Thanks so much guys! I hope these could get published as real collectibles one day.
Here is quick peek into the glsl lights setup. I would love to use the new realtime cycles rendering that is out there but its crashing quite a bit so stick with the normal glsl for now.

For the skin and all materials I use simple color rapms so very very basic. I added spcific lights for the skin layer to add some more fake sss tone. I also added lights to the hair and to the armor. It is shown in the video.

Wooow! Great work! The details you put here are simply amazing! Five stars from me!
Is it sculpted in Blender right? Did you use dynamic topology or multires?

Thank you so much! I sculpt using dyntopo only initially. Later I remesh the model for increasing resolutions. Its a very raw workflow but I find it very intuitive.
I use the sculpting tools addon

An awesome addon!

That looks so beautiful. I´m wondering how anyone can make such a scultpure in Blender. Awesome. I hope you´ll have time to make a tutorial for us in the next time. I have no problems to spend some money for a good tutorial :eek:

Spot on! It looks like her two!