--galardo concept--update!!!! (page 2)

hey every one, this is like my…well i lost count of how many cars ive made lol. any way im having trouble with this one, this is the first car that ive actually tried to get all the detail right and all the joints etc. the problem is when i turn on setsmooth i get like black stretch marks were the joints are, i think its when to faces are 90 degrees to each other and the other problem is i dont really know how to use creases and sub-surf (can some one point me to some good tutorials etc, plz)


(ooo by the way set smooth is on at the moment but its set to 19 and it still looks pretty sqaurish in some places)


Actually, I’ll give you my own tut.

Joe’s SubSurf tutorial:

Okay, here goes nothing.

With your Lamborghini selected, go to the edit buttons window. In the “Modifiers” panel, select “Add modifier.” Then go to SubSurf. Your car might look all round, but we’ll fix that.

Enter editmode (tab) and select all vertices (a). Then press shift+E. This will crease the dges on the subsurf. move your cursor around until the subsurf is creased to the dimension that you want.

There’s also another way: With subsurf, you can do (in editmode) a thing that’s called Face Loop Cut. Hit the letter K on your keyboard, and the loop/cut menu will cum …wait… come up. In this menu, select Face Loop Cut. you can select the face loop you want to knife in with left click, and then move your mouse to select where on that face loop you want to knife your verices in, and you can have subsurf with some parts smooth, and some parts sharp.

Hope this helped! Thanks,


If your model is completely seamless but those dark edges keep appearing when you use set smooth, you need to recalculate your normals. No, not you, I mean you have to tell blender to do that, by pressing Ctrl-N. After you selected all vertices of the model. So: into edit-mode, ctrl-a to select all vertices (or twice if they get deselected after the first :D) and then Ctrl-N.

Btw, is this a toy model? If not, you might want to make the nose of the car a bit longer. It seems to be very short right now. Of course I don’t have such a car for reference :wink:

:smiley: thanks for the help, ive been using blender for a while and i already new how to do them things but i treid the edge loops and that didnt really work to well, it made the mesh really complex. then i tried the shift+e method and i think ive nearly done it, it just needs some minor touching up around the the windows, lights and intakes etc

thanks :smiley:

scraze: its supposedly a lamborghini gallardo, but i didnt do the intakes and the i left of some stuff, this is just a test so i can build up skills, once ive mastered using refrences and using blueprints i can then move onto making better meshes etc.


clay render!


another update! any crits are welcome :slight_smile:


dan looks great, the reflection is making the mesh look deformed. the clay model is nice as a referance. get some tires on this sucker =)
and put it in a real scene.

I love cars, but they’re hard to model without a reference picture. Really good.

thnx for all the comments :slight_smile:

dmancrosse: yea im not to good at setting up materials, renders and enviroments so the results do make the mesh look bad. well ive added some wheels, ill probably do some better ones in wings3d, since its suited to stuff like that, imo. well its not much of a render or enviroment, but its a start :stuck_out_tongue: lol


another update! crits welcome :slight_smile:



Hey, man nice car you got there! Try rendering it in Yafray though, it will do some justice to your nice modell

ive treid with yafray, it didnt work to well, ill need to practice more but ill do some tests and post them on here

could some one please give me the settings or point me to a link, so i can create realistic car paint with yafray, when i try my blender car paint it looks really bad!
thnx :slight_smile:

another update


some small tweaks, crits welcome :slight_smile:

oo and any ideas for a scene? :slight_smile:


There was a model like this car on the Jan. Issue of 3D world mag. Yours is way better than the one featured on the cd.

Nice work so far.

Your cars is just going better and better. I realy like this one. Could I ask for a low perspective view? %|

enriq: thnx for the comment :smiley:

does any one have any ideas how i would go about creating wheels that are similair to the gallardo’s? ive tried but personally i think that is one hard shape to model :frowning:

sure kothe, is this what you mean?


Hey man really nice model. Only crit from me is that you really over simplified the side/door. I know you said that this was just practice, but how can you get better if you skip over the tricky parts?

Sweet modeling once again.

maniac4hire: very good point. ive started on the side vent, but i found out that the mesh isnt really suited to updates and changing of gemoetry, thats one lesson ive learnt (plan ahead) lol. thnx for the comment :slight_smile:

ive decided to have a break from modelling the normal version! and ive started a kind of racing style version, as always crits are welcome :slight_smile:

also note that the back isnt like a lambo gallardo, i didnt really like the back soo i kind of made it up! lol