The robot is patiently awaiting its master, Pygmalion, to return. It is relaxed, aware of its technical perfection, having been granted life by the marvels of artificial intelligence. However, it can’t help but feel some contempt for the flesh, knowing that it is the one part of the human experience it can never have. Can a machine have a superiority complex? Can ones and zeroes amount to delusions of grandeur?

Please share your comments and critiques. Thank you!

That´s awesome! It reminds me of Tron :smiley: Good work! The Backround is very cool idea and I like that orange "shield"whatever she’s wearing.

OMG that is the best work i’ve seen done with blender.DEFINETLY GETTINN MOVED TO GALLERY SECTION!5 STARS.

First off this should have been a cover for an Asmiov book. I love this. This is totally up my alley. The orange shield thing I think is just reflective and semi transparent, so it is actually an exoskeleton if you will.

Of course I didn’t make it so that is just an assumption.

5 stars from me.

Going to the gallery for sure.


I wouldn’t say it’s THE best, but it’s definitely among the best, definitely forum gallery material, and DEFINITELY rocks beyond all human comprehension. (So Trak, stop exaggerating!)

lol ok.i exagerated abit:o but it gives more motivation.But truly this work is amazing and among the best.

Er… Calm down Trak…

This is pretty cool… 5 stars. Could we see some wires, unsubsurfed version, etc? Thanks!


Nice pose and story. I like the colors and background.The render looks overexposed to me. I would try to even out the light a little. Great job over all!

LOL:D ok im calm:p

I see some jaggies in the image(due to resizing?). Anyway, great work Artistotle

That is extremely beautiful. The light is just a smigent to bright in my opinion though. Great work I love it!

You should get a job desighning video game covers or books.This is the BEST thing I’ve seen done with blender.
Awesome job keep up the good work.

Very well done, I remember your WIP on this model some times ago, I was already impressed by the great detail and the nice modelling. Did you rendered it with Blender internal ? If so you may consider a rendering with Yafray or Indigo to improve it with some radiosity.


stunning work men!!!

Very nice. I like the design and pose. If you are looking for productive feedback, the blue metal doesnt look quite like metal. more like opaque glass.
but very nice

omg thats super good!!1 its going to the gallery for sure:D

that’s awesome…great pose - i always wonder, do you just model the pose or do any rigging? im guessing it’s just modeled that way.

yeah, what’s up with the chest area - it’s…blurry and wavy…is it supposed to be that way, because of the translucent materials and such? yeah maybe you should re-render it.

wow…Awesome :eek:
The pose, materials and background are perfect…It’s one of the best works ,done with blender, that I’ve seen…

Wow everyone, thanks for all the kind words! I really appreciate it, although all of the newer members ought to check out the works of a truly skilled blender user, like andy or anyone else on the project orange team. I’m just gonna keep it from going to my head until then :smiley:

Alden, here are the images you requested.

As for the other critiques:

2Disbetter, you’re right, that could be considered an “exoskeleton.” Glad you liked it.

shr1k, you’re right, it is a bit overexposed. That came from adding the glow. I think it gives it a sort of HDR appearance, personally. I’ve tried adjusting it with photoshop but I felt it weakened the image. Then again i’m not good with that program…yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Woodman5k, there are some jaggies mainly from jpeg compression but also because I didn’t want to render it at OSA 16, as this render was at OSA 11 and that took 9 hours.

enricoceric, thank you my friend. I tried rendering the head alone with yafray and it took several gigs of memory (and I only have one gig of physical RAM) and it crashed it. And I think this is also too high poly for use with indigo. As for radiosity or another nice option in the internal renderer, AO, it simply takes too long to calculate it and I can’t have my computer be bogged down by rendering for that long.

Duncan, maybe that blue material isn’t meant to be a metal? :wink:

Theblenderboy, the modeling was done in a neutral pose. In most cases, modelers rig things later for posing, as it’s more convenient for modeling albeit rigging can get difficult depending on complexity. As for the waviness in the material, thats because thats how I designed the orange shader, you just happen to see this effect best in the chest area.

wow, great piece of work. eye candy. keep it up man