Galaxies with Blender and Indigo.............


I tried to make a test with Blender and Indigo. A room if I am exact. I followed the tutorial on Indigo’s site (How to make visible light… or something). Like halo. So I made a cube around all of my scene and made it to be glass. This is how the scene looked like:

Simple, As I said, a test.
So I exported the scene and Indigo did what it usually does when it’s bored…
Black Background and Colored Dots… I was first disappointed but then I came up with an Idea… This is what Indigo made:

So, I used blender node editor to blur and lighten the whole image. The Node set up:

And the final image:

I hope you like it. Comments appreciated.

Fort Ash

Looks like clusters of galaxies. Very pretty. The brightest area seems a bit overly bright, but that could be my monitor here at work.

How do you like working with Indigo so far?


I started working with indigo about a month ago. And I must say that this is the only renderer I can completely trust. I like it very much. All I did so far with it were tests, tests… Right now I’m going to format my computer and install a new processor.
Thats because my computer is all messed up. I have to let my tests render for 30+ hours and the results are still noisy… Nevertheless I feel more comfortable rendering with Indigo than any other rendering engine, because I can be sure that the image is going to turn out great. Also what I like is that you can actually see how the image is going to look like in about 2 min. After that it’s just a matter of patience. And also you can work on your next scene while rendering another:yes:.

But I’m glad you like the Image. And the brightness. It’s not the monitor, i believe its the image itself. So your monitor’s OK;).

Fort Ash

good job with creatively using the compositor to “turn lemons into lemonade” :smiley: