Galaxy Fox UZ1: Zukaro Travon

I drew this awhile ago in GIMP. He’s a robotic red fox (shows up better against a white background).

Description (you can skip this bit; also, not sure if it’s up to date anymore or not, but it probably is):

Zukaro is a robotic red fox created by Galaxy Fox. He is Unit Z1 (the first of the Z series); a series of robots designed to be capable of sentience. Once a unit achieves sentience they’re given a proper name and are given the same rights as any organic life form. Due to being the first of this line of robots Zukaro was the first to achieve sentience. Before achieving sentience a unit will often be assigned to tasks which ordinary robots are unable to do (things that involve creativity or advanced problem solving). Often these robots are used as helpers, and as time moves on they slowly gain sentience, emotion, and dreams (things they want to achieve). After they’re fully sentient they begin receiving pay for their job (before they gain sentience Galaxy Fox takes all the money as this is how they profit off these machines) and can choose to leave that job and find a new one if they wish or just quit altogether (they gain the freedoms that anyone else would expect to have).

Not all robotic foxes look the same; Galaxy Fox makes an effort to make each one have their own identity.

Before Zukaro gained his sentience he was a sysadmin, and he continues to work in that field to this day. The only thing that really changed was that now that Zukaro has emotions he tends to get annoyed with how ignorant people can be about computers.

Those four dots at the back of his head are screws which allow access to a power button as well as a DVI-I port, two USB ports, an SD Card reader, and one PS/2 port (there is no need for a mouse as there’s no GUI, the USB ports are intended for a keyboard and USB stick in case no PS/2 keyboard is accessible). He runs Linux.

That black bit on the back of his net is an 8P8C connector (often referred to as RJ45 or an Ethernet port). The main purpose of this is for backups but it can also be used to access the Internet and do anything you’d normally be capable of doing through a network. For security reasons certain ports are blocked. One of these blocked ports is port 22 (the default port used for SSH) as SSH is installed on Zukaro’s OS. In order to SSH into Zukaro you need to get on his VPN. Zukaro has a static IP address ( but is able to switch to a dynamic IP address when needed.

He has absolutely no organic parts; all of him is synthetic.

Zukaro’s batteries will last 24 hours before needing to be recharged. He charges his batteries using PoE (Power over Ethernet). It takes him about 5 hours to fully charge his batteries from empty, but it requires he be in sleep mode due to the smaller power output of PoE. After his batteries are fully charge he’ll wake up; if he has reason to wake up before his batteries are fully charged he can set a wake up time or percentage (so he can either wake up after 10 minutes or after his batteries are 90% full etc). There is no way to wake Zukaro out of sleep mode once he’s gone into it unless you press the power button (which requires opening the panel on the back of his head). However, a WoL (Wake on Lan) packet can also be sent to his MAC address which will wake him up.

Zukaro has no wireless card (no BlueTooth and no WiFi). If he needs to wirelessly control something he can connect a device to his 8P8C connector and wirelessly connect to things through whatever device is connected (if the device supports it).

Zukaro is waterproof but prefers to stay out of the water anyways (he’s made mostly of metal, so he’s not exactly light, plus he’s not designed to be buoyant so he’d likely sink if he tried to go swimming). As an extra level of precaution a hydrophobic coating was applied to all his electronics to repel any water that may get in there.

Zukaro’s CPU and GPU is liquid cooled. The radiator is located in his muzzle and vents through his nose.

In Zukaro’s pupils are two IR Lamps and one camera. The IR Lamps allow him to switch to night vision mode if he wants. He has one IR Lamp above and one below the camera in his pupil. He has glowing green eyes (the iris glows green and the whites of his eyes glow yellow). When he’s in sleep mode his eyes no longer glow (he closes his eyes to protect the lens from dust and such however, which is also why he blinks occasionally).