Galaxy Girls

Vimeo link to the shot.

I’m happy to share one of the shots from the film Galaxy Girls.

It’s been a crazy year of learning, with so much more I’m needing to discover.
I can’t say thanks enough for all the knowledge that gets shared on this site and the countless individuals who donate their time and knowledge to help others like myself.
Seriously, thank you!

Nothing special or exciting about this shot, it’s just the longest one of the scene.

*****All Blender minus cutting in Resolve.
EEVEE Render
Hand keyframed
Cloth Physics Blender.

****Most items individually modeled, several are purchased or CC (…filmmaker, kitbashing is what we do, right?) :slight_smile:
Buildings in the background are all Kitbash3d with modified textures. A few hard surface pieces are from Oleg Ushenok, TFMSTYLE, and Sketchfab.
Daz charater with my custom skin texture.

Galaxy Girls is my screenplay I was shopping around to make as a live action film. Found Blender and decided to animate the film instead.
Just like live action though I do realize I’ll eventually need funding to finish the film in my lifetime.


This is looking great. And very inspiring. Nice work. Plz share with us when the whole thing is available!

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Hey, thanks! :grin:
I’m glad you are interested in the film. And now that I’m starting to get a small grasp on how the world of 3D works, shots should start coming quicker, and I can share more.

Yes plz keep it coming im interested. And im sure im not the only one.

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Yep, count me in! I’m also interested to see more of your project! :smiley:

Nice animation, by the way. Did you animate her in Blender or DAZ?

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Thanks for the complement, I’ve enjoyed your work too.

I animated her in Blender with the Rigify rig.

Workflow test for the project.

Adding another early test shot to the collection.

Early production animation…