Galaxy In a Potion Bottle

Haven’t made anything in Blender recently so I decided to try a quick render of a potion bottle, which eventually became this.

I was hoping to get some feedback on it, see if there’s anything I can improve. I’ll upload a wireframe and clay render in the replies later since I haven’t gotten to rendering them yet.

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This is pretty cool!
What bothers me personally is that everything seems to be out of focus. The center of the galaxy is probably in focus but it appears noisy which has a similar effect to blurring. I think making the galaxy a bit clearer would be good. The top of the bottle can stay blurred. Just a quick off the cuff opinion.

Yeah I posted this on facebook looking for feedback and others were saying similar things about the blur, I ended up toning it down since it was distracting instead of focusing like I intended.

I personally love depth of field so I try to use it in everything, but I guess it’s not for everyone.

Must admit, I prefer the second version. :slight_smile:

Thanks! this is what I ended up going with.