Galaxy in Blender ?

Does anyone now how can we make galaxy and nebulae in Blender ?

not an easy question to answer…
how much detail do you want?
do you want to see it from the outside…be able to go through it…?

You could start with this video tutorial on YouTube:

Thank you Mats !

Can I do them both ? Like this :

This one looks like a Hubble image mapped onto a flat disc with the center raised up. With the reverse underneath. If so, that’s a neat way to do it for some projects.

agreed. this would be the easiest way to do it, but you could only view it from a distance, and not so easy to give it a “real” feeling

Look at this steeve !

that’s pretty cool. but it is for povray (raytracer). povray is a great raytracer (stills and animations) but not easy to learn as it has no gui.

what are you really trying to do?

galaxiiiiiiiiies !!! :d

Well, what are you going to use them in? If you tell us, we can give you the best way to do it for your situation. It sounds to me (fly-throughs and stuff) that you’re looking for something in a particle system. That’s fairly complicated, so let us know EXACTLY what you want, and give us some idea of how much you know about blender’s systems already, so the explanation can be tailored to you properly.