:eyebrowlift:. This game will be free… . but i do need help.

need aliens

need weapons

need info

(if you can give info that would be great) info videos would be great

on this game you will have choices to be the enemy for the humans to captian ships or wage combat in the fields. but winning is not an option. you must evac from Phatta 12 (faith with out the (h) and with the (a) (like- fate-a) you must survive the alien invasion and get on board a evac ship for the the Earth command planet rigel 2 but end up on a planet inhabited by the asguard (planet called TEL-TAK(an out post) forging an alliance new hope is restored. but not all is what it seems and there are more enemies than good guys. you will be challenged every second and with a limited team you can’t afford to loose anybody or to waste time.

you will be credited for this work and i hope to do more with blender.

This is for all the halo, stargate etc. fans out there. This game is also legal…because I own the rights to the book… Galaxy: Siege at Phatta 12…

all help is wanted.



your thoughts are also welcome.

PLEASE ASK IF THIS IS NOT CLEAR ENOUGH. I do want to hire people once the book is off the ground and the game can be made.

Fonts, well if you want to make it from scratch there is fontstruct
Or if you feel like photoshoping the images in there is font creator

Myself, I suck at making any sort of characters, so I can’t help you out there.

Update on the game

armour health


i’ve got others comming soon like a gun (short compact rifle and a small handgun.

I really do need help on world terrains… I do need a city with a heli pad in the middle of it and it has to be big. It’s for the evac ships to land and pick up the player. Thanks


Essentially here, I will be the first. (The one, who does it every time, who appears from the murkiness of the BA forums. The message bringer)

The overall expectation to simply “find” team member with any actual intention or ability to help with their time and ability is not one to take. The phrase “I am making a company that will use Blender” is an instant alarm bell in my mind.

I don’t want to be a downer, or a horrible person. I simply want to inform in atleast the slightest way I can and make it so that you don’t get your hopes too high. But asking into the world “I need this and this and this and this because of this and this and this…” doesn’t get you anywhere.Nothing is free, nothing is simple, nothing is easy. Learn, now.

I love that video. It’s perfect. It should be required watching for all new “game developers”. It’s everything we all want to say and more.

Ok, I also don’t want to rain on your parade. But if you were the box robot in the video, would your answers be different?

I recommend some exciting screens if you want people to join your project. There is a lot of competition for talent on this forum. A lot. You’ve got to impress people. Tempt them. Just my 2 cents.

I would like to thank TWS Admin for allowing me to borrow his music. It will do perfectly… still listening but I will update on which ones I will use.

can i help i can make the city

Thanks. It can be a regular city but I do need a fenced off military zone. small but big enough for a few jeeps, tanks and two buildings <one is a small base for sloders, the othr s suply depo> the fenced zone will have no gate. I also need a small air base, no runway but a helicpoter pad 4x the normal size with 4 step stairs up to it.the two military bases must be at oposet sides of the city. lasty near the water. hill land around it.


I can do some music too… im a big fan of SG-A btw :smiley:

EDIT: heres my music portfolio

i can also write music for the project too (unless you just want to borrow the stuff i have i’ve made).

Is there an artist in the house? I just need three aliens and two humans drawn. please. I can send you rough drawings of what I’ve done.

This project sound very intriguing and I would love to help out with anything. Just ask. I would also like to know how far you are in making this, Like do you have any maps made, how many models you have, ect. Thanks, -Jolly Green Giant

I’m doing the full game. Right now I’m creating the characters. Player (male and female) with the weapons and enemy characters. So far there are going to be 2 maps. level one will be the city. level 2 will be a planet you crashed on and have to get off of while aliens track you down.

it more than that but I’m doing some test study right now. send you more details soon. can you send me your email.

Greetings Moviemake, I read about your game, and think I’m one of those who think can help you " see".
My own project is now 3 years old, I took one year developping the idea, I took 2 years of testing, and only now I’m building it based on what I learned.
So, if you say, I’ll need a big map, with lots of destroyed buildings and an ‘almost-zombie’ mob pressing on the fences, for the intro, here is my advise.
Take the game story you have and cut it into parts according to the levels. Now think of all the elements you’ll have in it. Think of how you will you make it run fast enough to be enjoyable.
The Power of Blender is in it’s production speed. You can very quickly test Proof Of Concepts (POC), use that power and test to see if your game is feasible (I believe it is) and how to go about.
Starting by getting the visuals working, will only satisfy you urge to see graphics created by yourself (or your team). Being a game an interactive (graphical) program, I suggest you get that program part running first!
Do lots of planning, review the many time, check, double check, be patient, you might just get this game done!
Good luck!

Dear moviemaker, My email I cannot check for It is blocked on school laptops, BUT you can post/Sign up to my new site. Thanks,
-Jolly Green Giant

jollygreengiant do you know how to set up a chooser menu like this one [ATTACH=CONFIG]141930[/ATTACH]

four chooses you click on one and you either go back to to main menu to click play or you just enter the game with the character you choose. in the chooser menu it will show you your character also and you click on it to choose it. the game map is in another layer.
one map.
4 character
maybe in logic brick.


The link didn’t work, but I do not know how to make a menu or even buttons yet. I only know texturing, mapping, and programming movement and collisions. But I will look up a tutorial for you.