Galaxy Tab 10.1 won't charge

Hi everyone.

My mother recently got herself a Galaxy Tab 10.1. She has to charge it before she can use it but it just won’t charge. We switched it on to see if the battery was full but it said 50%. We tried plugging it in somewhere else but it didn’t work. When we plugged it in, the battery icon flashed a C on top of it and beeped and then the C disappeared. The battery then sank all the way down to 48%. Please help. We would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance

I bought a kobo myself - and from other users issues, you may wish to contact the supplier of the item and bring your grievance forth. It may be that you need to return the item for a replacement. These new gadgets often have battery issues…one more reason to avoid ebay.


We got it replaced and it works. It was also the charger that didn’t work.