Galaxy zoom in

Made for practice with particles and texturing.

Galaxy .blend
Solarsystem .blend

Cool. Those can be hard to do. Next time you should go all the way down to street level!

There is a galaxy generator script that is very nice. Do a search for it, but if you can’t find it, pm me, I have it.


Very nice!
I am attempting my own spacy animation and was wondering how did you did the sun?
I assume just a lamp wont do it - is it particals as well??

thanks for the feedback.
I did the sun with an object on halo settings. only six or seven vertices. It was pretty hard to handle. Since halo size is measured in pixels, you have manually to use ipos on the alpha to show the sun getting brighter as distance decreases. You can probabally tell it’s two .blends. One for the galaxy and one for the solar system. I’ll probabally put them up later.