It’s changed to GALAXY. This game will be free… the first version. but first i’m going to write the novel. I’m forming a gaming company that will use blender. but i do need help.

project 1: I need a modeler to create a asguard like alien but double the size and with octopus like cups on the finger tips. three finger one thumb for each hand.
if you just want to load up a picture that will be fine. the one i like will win.

also i need the sci fi guys to think of enemy aliens (one request will be a turtle like creature.

weapons if you have any to spare. and a human marine and armored sparti solder with armor and motorcycle helmet

you will be credited for this work and i hope to do more with blender.

all help is wanted.

here’s the blog for battle star: invasion.

your thoughts are also welcome.

Yes, I can help, but my time is limited so I will not be directly involved.

This is your first game? I would suggest starting with something simpler, but I started with a 6DOF spaceship game, so what can I say?

If you have any questions you can ask, and I will answer any questions I can, be they about how to shoot, shields, AI or game design. If you are really stuck I can make example blender files, but you should be fine.
To see examples of my game work go here or here

I do not have GLSL, so 2D filters and other GLSL specifics I cannot help with. This is another reason I probably cannot help directly. Python is also not a strong point, as all my games have been fine with logic bricks, so I have never found the need to learn.

You say Ship shoot Ship game, so I am wondering, is it Player vs AI, or is it Player vs Player (shared computer) or Player vs Player (network)

Good luck, and start asking questions. Also, some images of the ships please.

One person player. Player vs. computer. you can control one ship of your choice and then choose your enemy’s ship then your battle space map the click play. you can also choose ally 2 ships that are computer controled then enemy ships. so the max is 3 on each side. all but your ship is computer controled.

would logic brick work with blender is it free?

also i am working this game around my college shedual. just to let you know. pictures are comming up.

and thankyou.

Ok, player verse AI. So it is a bit like the older 2D game called Splay Master but with more ships and 3D.

Logic bricks are the default way of controlling objects in a game in blender, and they are packaged with it (they are part of blender) and are simple to use, with no programming knowledge necessary (drag and drop interface)

AI is a thing you should focus on early. With one vs one player this is quite easy, as you can just use the “track to” actuator to get the enemy to point at you, and then radar sensors with about 15 degrees angle to get him to shoot.
If you have more than one AI you have to try some other, more complex methods that involve python. Try looking for things like a homing missile script or “track to nearest enemy” (should be easy as you are using 2.49, I haven’t found a good one for 2.5x)

Monster I know has written a few of these, but they are generally a bit complex to implement in a game of your own making unless you already know a decent bit of python. I will see if I can find one.

I might help here and there. I know python. sdfgsdfg, I guess together we can make this one happen if you want.
Don’t count me in before I see some screenshots of your models and please make clear what kind of gameplay you want.
Also I should add, I am quite unreliable.

Ah good, he came back

Geoff sounds kind of better than sdfgsdfg. Do you have msn or something so we can talk while making this?

please define game play. you load up Battle star…Type in your name (captian’s name) choose your ship. useing the left or right keys to view ships pics and info. like one ship i’m working on is a shuttle with shields at 100% while a another ships from a rival space people haver a ship with sheilds at 10000 (ten, thousand) . you are able to see speed weapons, weapons power, shield power etc. you choose your ship and get…hold on.


Menu… click (Captains name) type in {Kirk} or what ever…(click menu)

menu…click (your ship) on your screen is so many 20-30 ships (20?) you hover your mouse over one and on the bottom of the screen is info about the ship. click on your ship. (or) it’ll have left and right arrows on the side of the screen… with a good sice pic of the ship with info beside it. on the bottom will be “choose ship”
click on “choose ship” when you found your ship.

your back to menu. where you can choose ally ships (same process as above) only 2 allies…

menu…choose enemy ship (enemy captains name is default “Morgorath” that in one of my book I’ writing for the battle star series)
you can only have three enemy ships. choose enemy will bring you to a screen with "choose enemy 1, choose enemy 2, choose enemy 3.

after this you will click on the menu botton and then “choose map” Like the process in choosng your ship with < > arrows you will see a map then read the info on it. then click “choose map.” 4-8 MAPS?

then click menu and then click play.

you are know behind your ship (note: you can not do 360s around your ship. but your ship can do 360) …like driving a car…you can’t leave the driver’s seat.

weapons will be phaser? (laser, drone, torpedo> i cain’t use photon i don’t think)

shields max strenght will be 10,000 lowest will be 100. drone will take out 10, 20% of shield strenth, phaser 5% at a steady 3 to 5 seconds per burst, torpedos range from 10 to 15% other weapons may come soon.

speed is thusters, poleron drive (empolse (sp) and i don’t think warp (jump drive) maps to small… i think i may save jump drive for Battle star game 2 (ancient war). that’s a good book script to!!!

shields i don’t think will recharge and weapons may be damaged along with engines. limited drone and torpedos. 100 max. seeking ablity on some.

I’m working on how the ship moves…joystick…or key contols…or you choose in set up…

no story line…please read and voice your ideas…

I have no idea how to work logic brick, or python…I am leaning but i tend to ceate object better than i do code…

here are some ship… still under the knife…I would like the ships polished but since this is version 0.1 i don’t mind it they are a bit edgy.


the bottom ship is an asguard ship (look up asguard in mythology)sp. the egg like piece is the head and the two pieces on the other side are engins yet to be attached to the ship. the thing in the circle is the only weapon that fire off drones. a “wall of fire” 10 to 20 dronse will fire from this one weapin -----shields set at 5000 maybe.

They are verysmall screenshorts :frowning:

And the middle looks like a Future Gun xD!
and the last like a toilet xDDDDDDDDDDDD
jajaja im sorry xD

NIce ships :slight_smile:

How many polies in the ships? I think they could do with a few more, to make them smoother. Especially the last one.

Your idea’s sound good, and not to terribly complex. (I was worried) and if you are motivated, and keep the motivation up then there is a good chance the game will go through.

Like i said they are still under the knife. some ships though like the top one will have swivial guns (not shown) that do 180 degrea turns. I’m learning how to attach items and have them swivial. does any one have vids on how a game ship fires weapons? so i know what’s going on with how weapons fire. sdfgsdfg , thanks…i’m doing this around my midterm paper so i’v e got late nights a head of me. some of the ships are on the chopping block. others will imporve as the the next game comes out. or AS the game improves. I still have to map out how many sides or factions their are…but if you want to input one ship (not pushing) I’ll put it into the rabble and raiders groups or one on of the empire’s fleets…


a new ship i’m working on shield 7000

i don’t know what to call it but i like it so far… anybody have a site where one can see a bunch of ship drawlings. I keep comming up with star trekish ships… nothing wrong with that but i want a new style…


You should learn to model, texture, animate or script before you start a game project.

Probably he should. But you have to start somewhere.

add an empty. this will be our gun
add a cube and move it to layer 2 (alt+m and then select the one second along from the top) this is our bullet. make sure it is “dynamic”

on the gun add the following logic bricks:
Keyboard (set to space or something like that) -> And -> edit object
in the blank space under edit object enter the name of the bullet (cube or something like that) set time to 1000 (means the bullet will vanish after 1000 logic tics) then make the linear velocity to 50 or so and click the little letter L next to it.

Press P and then press space to shoot.

That is how you do a simple gun. If you want it to be computer controlled you can use a radar sensor instead of a keyboard sensor.

If you didn’t understand that at all, then you might want to find a simpler game to make to start with.

Oh, and about the designs of a space ship, go here
Should be plenty there…

I can make models, And animate, but time is limited…I’ve got alot of things going on… ok so scripting is on my list. But that’s why i wanted a team…I will do my part… I created the maps and planets textures. and ships are in the process. Remember this will work around my college shedual. version 0.1 will be a test to see what it can really do. But to be honnest i write books and not games. I just had a book and said "hey… Star trek games cost alot…what if their was a simular game… but useing my model ship…The ships seen on this page were to help me write my book. If moves to a sellable project then (we) will be apart of a team to make it better for the consumer…I’m still working on the selling part. if i want to or not.

I am apart of the model making team…granted i know more about misfit model 3d than blender but i know enough…

their has to be a python team

some people can’t and don’t have that ability to do that.

I just though this would be easer than making my book into a movie.

Look if it seems like i’m using you guys i’m sorry but i’m not…if you leave i’ll still be asking “how do you do this” and “that” so i can make the game. "like i said in the first place "up top–top of the page)

but i also wanted this to be leaning experience (sp).

OK, you’re back.