hello everyone

I’m still very new around here and to blender, but am pursuing my first little project. I always wanted to do a galaxy (as in this, this, this or this).

I want to set this up with many particles and also with smoke to get this dusty look between the bright stars (or starclusters).

I know it’s not much yet, but I thought it may be interesting for you to see how this develops.

I have made this basic galaxy-structure out of particles:

Which I want to combine with smoke emitted from those particles (here lighted from above):

Or at least this is the idea behind it all.

While I’m pretty happy with the structure of the particles, I’m frustrated with the smoke because its too fluffy and also the “light emitting” (as in material>shading>emit) particles (theyre a icosphere-mesh) are not lighting the smoke (thus it’s lighted from above in picture2). I’m gonna do more tutorials. Also I’m already looking into compositor tutorials for future glow and such. I’m also thinking about using fluids instead of smoke for the purpose of better “sticking together”.

until later.

\edit: latest wip:

That is a very interesting concept, blackdot! I urge you to continue experimenting, I feel you could find very good results with these tests.

I’m looking forward to seeing more!

That looks like a big project :slight_smile: Actually i have no idea how to make a realistic galaxy. My only idea is that you will need to render a lot of passes. Hope your PC will handle all of this particles, simulations etc. I really love your idea. Can’t wait to see more.

I did more experimenting with the particle form itself. A lot of trial and error. I even tried fluid particles which gave interesting results:

although looking strange it gave an awesome sideview:

i’ve now redone it again and am more happy with this:

PS: How much images is one allowed to upload here on ba? Is it encouraged to use this or should I use an extern image upload service?

I just watched a tutorial on how to do this and am thinking about giving it a shot myself. It appears you have gotten off to a good start. Keep going!

thanks. could you tell me which tutorial youre referring to? maybe i missed one :D.

It is actually the first one that came up when I googled it but here is the link. So I am sure you have already seen it.

Looks pretty cool.

ah yes i already noticed that one. i think i have to watch it all the way though :).

this is the result of half a day trial and error rendering and baking. This is supposed to be a test of the smoke, not the whole galaxy. it’s basically just smoke with light objects as particles. no compositing yet. but already f ugly baking times ;).

instead of lights as particles i also tried doing the second-voxel-texture-thing i picked up in a fire tutorial, but that didnt get my nice results.

edit: now with two particle systems. looks pretty nice already, but unfortunately hit the domain border there.

New wip. this looks kinda worse again. Although it took forever. In the previous wip i emitted the particles and smoke from the center. In this scene I did it the opposite, I emmitted particles and smoke on a round plane then attracted it to the middle (also a vertex) hoping this would get a better feel, because in reality the same is happening (well more the vertex than the attracting perhaps). Yet I cant manage to reproduce the nice look from above :(. I’ll look into compositing.

\Edit: New wip, getting closer: