Galileo Villa II, Florence, Italy

Something of an experiment that worked out. All tutorials I’ve ever seen say you can’t model from a background image in perspective mode. Not true. If one sets background image to all views and hit cont/alt/num pad 0, while in the camera view the background image will show and automatically fit the image to the camera view. By getting the correct aspect ratio for the image and figuring the position of the camera, modeling can be fitted almost exactly to the image. The model was tweaked slightly from the original image.
This is from a picture of Galileo’s last residence where he remained under house confinement until his death in the 17th century.

Lacking some polish.The wood texture on the roof is scaled so big that it looks like a branch about 4 inches long was scaled and put onto a log that is 30 feet long. You should render with ambient occlusion on, or bake it in afterwards. The walls have a low res, boring texture and it almost reads like wrinkled paper. I would definitely go back and find some good photo textures to slap on your buildings.

Thanks for the advise adam450. Yes, still needs a lot of work.

I really like the colors, light and feeling.
As adam said it needs some polish but that’s what WIPs are for.
To me the floor stands out, I just cannot feel what those red tiles/bricks are made of and is there a hole in it or is it a puddle.
If you can make those materials and objects read better it will look great since the colors are already pretty nice.

Thanks Toshi. Don’t like my sorry puddle? Me neither. Tried to make it work but failed. Thinking about replacing it with other objects to create more realistic ground. As for the brick, know how it looks and feels, the red dust that come off on your fingers when you rub it, but don’t have the skills to depict it. Need to do some research. Good observations.

Okay, did some work on this: materials on buildings, roof and switched out the puddle for a drain. Will sit on it for a week or so to see it with a fresh eye.