Galleon sailship

I’ve started another project. It took me some time to get back into Blender and it turns out that Blender 2.8 is out, which I’m currently fighting with. Hopefully this thread will keep me motivated to continue with this work. Here I will try to put latest photo to update the thread. :slight_smile:


nice work

did you use any references photos for this or just made up ?

keep up the good work

I might do one too just for fun if I can find the time
would like to do a medium res Spanish galllion

happy cl

well I googled a lots of cannons and went alongside that, and was doing my research and everything that is on that cannon I’ve seen somewhere, but in the end I would not call it a LH (living history) reenactment quality cannon, yet an history inspired one, as the proportions are kinda accurate, but not on centimeters :slight_smile:
Files that I used were lost as I made a transition into 2.8 and upgraded components in my computer.

In the event I was working with sailship models in reality, tho it took me a year to build one and that were times when I was on high school when I had time :smiley:

I’m always glad to see new sailship models, so will happily look at your work when you start it.

thanks for comments

I started a new thread for boat
did a sextant

working on some Gallion
but difficult to find nice blueprints for these
and which one to do English - Spanish or others?

all kind of size and accessories

did a Generic canon too
but again here looks like they were like 11 feet long
not certain this was use on a Gallion - who knows
will show it later today or tomorrow

i’'m not aiming for photorealism here
just medium res clean and nice looking like the real thing in 3D

happy bl

As of now, I will try to update the cover picture with first post and then post certain objects. This is the anchor I did today.

As because of the cover photo I have to put the cannon photos in here again.

you are going high res which is fine and very nice
but takes a lot of time for finding good references and not always easy

one note
the rope are not that good I think
could be better with some twisted fibers may be UV map!

will follow where it goes

happy bl