Gallery behind again (new website coming?)

Not exactly a personal complaint, since we can see in the forum what’s being done in blender, but I just think that it would be better for the foundation to keep up the gallery on a monthly basis. I heard in a bconf video that it was supposed to be updated by the week after the conf. Now we’re well into Nov and the gallery is back in Sept. This makes me think, is something big about to happen? I’ve been hearing about a completely new website design coming soon. Has anyone heard more about it?

Nitpick: just over a week into a month is hardly “well into” it.

That said, I’m on it. We had a lot of submissions in October. I went through all of them last night and have the selections for the gallery made. If it’s not up tonight, it will be up tomorrow.

For those of you who submitted work after the first of November, those will go into the rounds for the November Gallery, so you don’ t have to resubmit when the October Gallery gets published.

The gallery update is coming. Trust me.

That great, Yay!!! (i apologize for worrying:D

How can I delete this thread? I’m feeling more ashamed of my ungratefulness by the minute

Pssst! :smiley:

and also: