can now take .blend files.

i have updated the site and it should now be able to host .blend files.

hope you enjoy. (those of you who need hosting for .blend files)


binary host.
good work!
i hope you got hd space. some blend are very big imho

yeah baout 300 Mb left.

but i monitor HDD space and bandwidth, so people uploading giant files will find them being contacted LOL.

its a real pity that blender nolonger offers the “compression” feature, as this could save a good 70% bandwidth and HDD space.

i found all my compressed .blend files unopenable and it sucks :frowning:


It was just a standard zlib integration, not anything that can’t be done (better) externally.

As for the problem of not being able to open compressed file, just open them in 2.25 and resave them as uncompressed.