Gallery of professional Blender works.

I think, we need a professional gallery with really professional Blender pictures.
If I want to show Blender to my friends, I can show pictures, galleries on the web, but the amateurish feeling always there. For example, the Elysiun gallery: ok, good pictures, but no update for months (years?). I can search pictures, and collect the links, but this is not a professional thing…

What do you think? I want to show Blender to the WORLD! :slight_smile:

You are right.

Stephen2002 is preparing a blender demoreel which should show blender powers. Don’t know where it is now :slight_smile:

Here the galleries are pretty old, yes, but they will be back :slight_smile:


well everyone does!!!

but the blender demo real was a huge failure so far!!!

i think someone should just get there A into G and update the bloody elysiun gallery!!!

you should perhaps ask for administrator rights to update the gallery from tib is it (i don’t know who runs this site)

i think having a 3rd party website as stephen (i think thats who it was) found out doesn’t work

so i definatly thin it should be done through elysiun!!

thats my $0.02

i think its a great idea but watch out how you do it and make sure yafray work is clearly marked as such!!!


Excellent idea !!!
Problems I see.
Where are these pictures ?
Sometimes I have the feeling that becoming a “professional”
automatically means doing MAXing or MAYAing.
(“Semiprofessionals” do LIGHTWAVEing :wink: )
Who is the jury ?
Jury has to be objective and there have to be some standards.

Finally, one of the best features on this forum is that you can post nearly every quality of pictures. Even very beginners get usefull and kind comments on their work. I fear if there will be a competion of having the most “professional” looking picture this could prevent some poeple to post their “not so professional” work. That would be a pity. %|

simple…here on elysiun!!!

There are plenty of very good artwork here. A guy could go trhought the forum everyday and choose the best artwork of the day or something like this…it could be @ndy and Goofster. They make some really good choice for the community journal…

yeah… a professional gallery is professional i mean really good pics-either photorealistic or artistic.a poll should be made every weekend for the best 2 or 3 artworks posted in that week.after 2-3 months say the best 10 pics are uploaded into the professional gallery.

I see no problem with people being urged to do thier best through a healthy but informal compitetion. We are after all here to support each other and I think judging from the voting on the challenges that they are not a popularity contest.

Some may at first be reluctant to post images but I’ll bet after lurking for a while they finally post somethin and become pleasantly surprised on how well received they art is. Hell, I’ve posted some real crap here and so far no one has suggested that I erase Blender and find a new hobby.

So, that’s how I feel about it and now you know.


good idea, im in for site design (and possibly some coding). :wink:

there should be a pool of artwork submitted by members, which would be grouped into categories. members would vote 3 pics from each category to be posted up on the professional gallery.

oh, a domain name would be good. for instance,

I think, the public poll-system is very stupid idea for professional work.

Peoples will vote for a medium-quality nude picture or a med-quality sport car and will not vote a high quality but not too popular other picture.

And this is not good.
(Or I am evil now. :-))

what do you propose?

IMO, a solution could be to have a contest in time, with well established categories (human characters, prehistoric animals, monster characters, space scenes, photorealism, landscapes, etc.), so everybody will have to choice beetwen images of the same argument. :smiley:


Everybody, I’m working with @ndy to separate the Blender Reel into it’s own site. It has flopped so far, nobody seems to want to enter. We figure if it sectioned off into it’s own site so that it is the “Blender Reel Site” and not just a little subsection of Solar Flare Studios that it might have more visibility and a better chance of getting some interesting stuff.

It’ll still be on my server so that people can still upload images/videos easily but it will have it’s own sub-domain.

The problem with all of what has been mentioned so far is that often people want to do X and Y but then when the opportunity comes along for them to participate in X and Y half of the people that originally were originally interested turn their heads and end up ignoring it.

yea, thats the problem with hypes…first everybody’s excited as hell, but when stuff starts happening, people turn their backs on you. :-?


I replied at the beginning without considering that I was reading Finished Projects, and not Blenderchat where this post should have been posted.


I have thought about this idea too. I think that an efficient way would be to have a small group decide perhaps 3 or 4 people. This group could change at certain intervals. There could be different categories that are initially created. One could submit finished work at anytime and the group would decide to accept or reject. A small group because otherwise it gets too difficult to get anything done but not just one person where there is only one point of view. And the group could rotate periodically so as to have some variation.

I have a domain name already registered: I am also running a webserver which stays on 24/24. We could use this to get started.

my $0.02