Gallery Submissions: Blenderart #2 (15 days left)

2nd Issue Release Schedule:
Dec. 20 : final submission of all articles
Jan 5-6 : release date

We are starting to prepare the second issue and are now asking for submissions. This issue we will be featuring Animation .

We are looking for: .

• Still Images from animation projects, this can be single frames from an animation or teaser type poster images.
• Links to ongoing animation projects/shorts

Please include your:
Software used

with each submission, so that proper credit can be given in the gallery.

All submissions will be published under Creative Commons license.

Contribution guidelines are posted here:

So, would you like us to send our submissions via e-mail, private message, or just on this forum?

Any of the above works. :smiley:

on what do you base decissions to take artwork or to not select artwork anyway?

hmm, what about a .blend file with a rig?

lol, actually at this point, I think we are taking just about everything.
Although it’s a safe guess that a 3point lit cube probably won’t be included.

And yes blend files can be sent, we are going to try and have a rar or zip file of all blend files for tutorials available this time.

I have an awsome animation (t me it is) that I put on hold for a few months, but I can submit a short clip. (Definately a STILL IMAGE). I don’t have a website devoted to this, being that I am the only one working on it.

But this project is entirely done by me and it seems like it won’t be finished until Spring of 2006. This is a hard project to do. I had to learn rigging, RVKs, lighting, editing, sound tracks, music, create backgrounds, redesign to use Low-Polys, Lip-Syncincing, Softbodies, Alpha Maps, etc, etc… . I mean this was becoming pure Hell at one point. No wonder why you need a team of people to make an animation.

I still have to develope a skill of making my characters move naturally.

lol, don’t we all. Animating characters to move naturally takes lots of practice and patience. Keep at it, it will come.

And we would be glad to receive your submission. :smiley:

15 days left til submission deadline, all contributors for this issue, time to finish up your submissions and get them in.

Due to organization efforts there is a slight change in where to email your submissions

ARTICLES: [email protected]

GALLERY IMAGES: editor_ble[email protected]