gallery thumbnails

Just a simple idea, it would be possible to include thumbnails in a threads link, correct? if so, why not do so in the forum gallery (the way cgtalk/cgsociety does)? In my opinion it would dramatically increase that sections quality, and make it a lot easier to browse.

anybody in agreement?

Agreed- just wanted to start same thread by myself. Right now it’s just a list of titles that hardly say a thing about content- WIP, Constructive Crit and Finished works forums could’ve used this feature to make finding interesting threads easier.

Hello ? Anybody there ?

Yes, buit I’m just the gardenboy. Please believe me when I tell you I have been trying my dambdest to get someone to pay attention to this forum, not this request in particular - the whole forum. I’ve submitted a proposal, been told it has been accepted in principle, and I’m embarrased you even need to post twice.


Ekhm… I am sorry to be pushy. By no means trying to “enforce” anything, it’s just it would help tremendously to identify threads content. It will be done when it will be done- I am pretty much sure you guys are doing whatever is possible and some things that are quite impossible. Deepest apologies.